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    Morality: Behaviors that Facilitate Reproductive Success

    Hello, In the book "Evolutionary Origins of Morality," the leading authorities discuss how morality, altruism, ethics, and human behavioral traits evolved from the environment of our evolutionary past when we were small bands of people cooperating in groups no larger than 150 people. We are...
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    Rationalism vs atheism

    See Regards, Niels Bohr
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    Do You Believe There is Intelligent Life Beyond Earth?

    Drake's Equation is used to show that chances are that intelligent life evolved in other parts of the universe. Then I consider the possibility of Superstring Theory: alternative universes/dimensions where we would be completely oblivious to any intelligent life there. And consider our...
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    NASA Knows Time Travel is Fact?

    Hello, I just completed viewing a documentary on The Learning Channel on time travel, and what they said greatly suprised me: satellites that NASA uses are set up so that the clock on the satellite is rewinded or set to adjust to the fraction of a second the satellite gains by traveling...
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    IQ Will Put You In Your Place

    IQ Will Put You In Your Place By Charles Murray Imagine several hundred families which face few of the usual problems that plague modern society. Unemployment is zero. Illegitimacy is zero. Divorce is rare and occurs only after the children's most formative years. Poverty is absent -...
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    The Falsity of Religion: Twelve Indisputable Arguments

    The following is from The Falsity of Religion: Twelve Indisputable Arguments By John "Birdman" Bryant Religion today hangs on the horns of a dilemma: On the one hand, it is false in the scientific sense, as we shall demonstrate...
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    What Do You Think About Transhumanism?

    See Basically, the technological/philosophical movement of Transhumanism is to create technology that can be applied to augmenting the human brain and body, as well as the creation of artificial life forms (consider tv shows with characters such as Data from Star...