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    Any ideas or solutions?

    I have a problem of where to start on this equation. sqrt(x^2-x-10) = 10 + sqrt(x^2 - 11x) Solve for x.
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    Quantum fluctations and singularities.

    Can one say that it is the same factors (whatever they may be, I don't know) in M-theory/String theory that puts away the effects of quantum fluctations, and also puts away the need/possibility of a singularity in a black hole? I see a connection since M-theory sets a limit of size (planck-...
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    Sequences - factorial r, !

    Can anybody help me solving this? Write in terms of factorials n((n^2)-1) The correct answer is (n+1)!/(n-2)! but I don't know how to get there, and since it's week- end I have no chance to ask anyone teachers, etc. //Martin