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    Integrating Electric Displacement

    Suppose the dielectric material is fixed in position and filling the capacitor, and you would have this term in the way of calculating something. \int\nabla\cdot\left[\left(\Delta{D}\right){V}\right]{d}\tau where D is the dielectric displacement Now that turns into (by divergence...
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    Schools Where do I find a list of univ/colleges that offers Master's degree in Physics?

    Thank you very much for you help in advance =)
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    Linear Transformation problem. Please Help.

    Homework Statement Let \mathrm{V} be a vector space. Determine all linear transformations \mathrm{T}:V\rightarrow V such that \mathrm{T}=\mathrm{T}^2. Homework Equations Hint was given and it was like this: Note that x=\mathrm{T}(x)+(x-\mathrm{T}(x)) for every x in V, and show that...
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    Please help me on this proof. Span!

    The Problem: Let S_{1} and S_{2} be subsets of a vector space V. Prove that span\left(S_{1}\cap S_{2}\right)\subseteq span\left(S_{1}\right)\cap span\left(S_{2}\right). Give an example in which span\left(S_{1}\cap S_{2}\right) and span\left(S_{1}\right)\cap span\left(S_{2}\right) are equal and...