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    Calculate the current

    Homework Statement Homework Equations KCL The Attempt at a Solution I have some question for this circuit. I want to calculate the current I, my first thought was that it cant go any current because the potential...
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    Engineering Thevenin equivalent circuit

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I trying to figure out a thevenin equivalent circuit I want to calculate the current I so I cant get the resistance for the thevenin equivalent. Im not 100% sure how to calculate I, can I use KCL on the node...
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    Write in form a + bi

    Homework Statement I want to write e^e^i on the form a + bi Homework Equations I think I have to use log The Attempt at a Solution Well ive tried to use log, but theres probably an easy way, but I just cant figure it out. btw does someone know whether you can use latex or...
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    Complex analysis

    hi I want to find an analytic funktion if Re(z) = 1 - x - 2xy My initial thought was to set U(x,y) = 1 - x - 2xy and then solve for V(x,y) through du/dx = dv/dy but it doesnt seem to go as far as im concernd. Then I thought about the fact that Re(z) = (z + zbar)/2 and then work from...
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    Parallell plates

    Homework Statement I have two parallell plates, they are separated a distance of 1 cm. The potential difference is 10kV. A 0.5 cm thick plastic plate lies between the two plates and has a relative permitivitty of 6. Calcualte E and D in the air and in the plastic plate. Homework Equations...
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    What is the maximum electric field in the system?

    Homework Statement Two parallel plates are connected to a constant electrostatic potential. Half the space between the plates is filled whit air, one quarter whit a conductor and the fourth quarter whit a dielectric whit realtive permittivity of 80. What is the maximum electric field in the...
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    Electric field

    Hi Two spherical shells where the inner has a radius a and the outer a radius of b. The inner has a total charge of -Q whereas the outer shell has a total charge +Q. The question is to calculate the electric field intensity everywhere in space. My question is now, how do I choose the limits...
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    Engineering Using current divider circuit

    Hi I want someone to guide me through this by using current divider, where I want to find I3. Can I use the current divider formula directly or? [Broken]