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    A Detection limits for Raman spectroscopy

    Thanks for your reply! The penetration depth is obviously an issue, but that would correspond with an increase in any minuimum detection limit. Is there any good examples of studies looking at certain concentrations of a chemical in human tissue? For environmental exposures in general, you...
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    A Detection limits for Raman spectroscopy

    This may be a completely terrible question, but does someone have an idea on the detection capabilities for raman spectroscopy of a bulk sample like human tissue (hair, blood, skin, anything)? I thought it might be fun to see if it were possible to use raman to identify exposures to chemicals...
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    Medical Physics Choices

    Hi! I am an undergraduate physics student, and I am looking to go into Medical Physics. I am not sure if I want to pursue a clinical career or continue into academia after obtaining my PhD in medical physics. I was wondering if anyone had opinions or experiences with these schools, and how...
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    Programs Medical Physics PhD vs MSc

    I am applying to graduate schools this fall for Medical Physics. I will be hoping to get accepted into an accredited school. I was wondering if there is a large difference in the job market depending on whether I would get a PhD or MSc in the program. Either way I would still need a...
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    REU Acceptance Deadlines

    Hi, I applied to a few REU programs for this summer, but I have not heard back from any of them yet. I know there is usually a rolling deadline as they fill all the slots in the REU, but is there some kind of date where it would be acceptable to call about the status of my application. I...