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    250VDC Line, Transient detection

    Any of you guys know of any instrument to record both the DC and at the same time the AC transient of a DC line. Thanks.
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    Temperature Controller

    I am trying to replace a Temp. Controller that is no more produces anymore. What are the controller properties/settings/ that I have to pay attention to. in another word, what to select a temp controller for certain application? Thanks.
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    250 VDC motor

    A 250 VDC motor drawing 390 VDC!!!! any one with any explanation? Thanks.
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    DC Amp Gauge Vs. AC amp Gauge

    I was walking around at work today to find an AC amp Gauge on a DC breaker (1000KW, 250 VDC), Which made me scratch my head if there is any difference between the two gauges for this application? Any idea? Thanks.