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    Magnetic force and energy

    When an object, such as a lump of iron, is accelerated by a magnetic field, where does the extra kinetic energy come from? Does the object become colder, or is it demagnetized?
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    The proliferation of mathematics cranks on the Internet

    I've noticed on other discussion boards, that there is a surprisingly high number of people sharing a set of similar, unshakeable beliefs that contradict basic thereoms in mathematics and logic. Usually, these include: - 0.999... not being equal to 1, or not existing - That natural numbers...
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    Filter problem

    I am trying to graph the frequency spectrum of a signal over time. To do this, for each frequency I use a filter defined by the following equation: y_n = Ae^{i\omega_0}y_{n-1} + x_n This has a frequency response of \frac 1...
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    Interesting equivalent to Schrödinger equation

    While messing around with the Schrödinger equation on paper, I found an interesting, elegant way of expressing it. Let P be the probability density |\Psi |^2, and let \vec Q be a real-valued vector field. \vec F is a vector field describing the forces acting on the system when in a given...