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    How to select a good dinner wine

    The best bottle of wine is the one you like. Don't worry about the uppity people,
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    Work, Net work, Work done by friction

    I think the issue with work being a scalar is mathmaticlly solved by szimmy below; This is the correct equation rather than the Wnet=W[a]-W[f] that I wrote. By using the forces the direction can be correctly accounted for.
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    Work, Net work, Work done by friction

    Thanks everyone for your input! I think my confusion has more to do with the english langauge than the physics involved. --So the net force is the difference between applied force and the force of friction. --This net force leads to a net work. --A net force→net work→leads to an...
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    Work, Net work, Work done by friction

    Homework Statement I am looking for some clarity on what should be general conceptual questions involving work, net work, and work done by friction. In General; W[F]=the component of the applied force acting in the direction of motion X distance OR Δenergy W[friction]=μN and is...