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    Double slit in macroscopic world

    It doesn't have to be a superfluid or silicon oil. Let's suppose a water droplets are falling to a hidrophobic (wd40 sprayed LOL) surface with double slits. It seems probable to me that scenario will happen that droplet will split on surface, pass through both slits (in some random ratio) and...
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    Quantum phenomena as emergent property in networked computer simulation?

    I'm not physicist, but a software developer. Please don’t hang up.:smile: I am building massive multiplayer online game server, and I started building it from scratch. I found that some programming issues emerged from it which had striking resemblance to quantum quirkiness, so I just wanted to...
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    Why photons don't fall to Earth?

    Some introductory line about me apologizing for my ignorance and inability to find answers on interwebs. :smile: If photons get affected by gravitational field (or follow the curvature of space-time created by nearby massive objects) and have in essence some non-rest mass how come they...
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    What are the biggest problems of push / kinetic gravity theory?

    What are the biggest problems of "push" / kinetic gravity theory? Please, don't crucify me! I saw a couple of threads here closed for bringing this up, which I don't really understand why. Shouldn't we always doubt? I understand that it is old and common and amateurish idea in physics, but that...
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    Is there something that Sun actually absorbs?

    So is there? :) ... Is there anything (radiation waves, particles, what not...) That Sun absorbs more than it emits? I guess it absorbs visible light of stars behind it, but it emits a ton of more. But is that the case with all EM frequencies? What about gamma rays or any other background...
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    What can be detected in chunk of vacuum?

    Imagine a lets say sphere the size of an atom or so, somewhere in deep space, without any matter in it, just a mathematical volume of 3d space. Or a 1000x bigger if it would make a difference, for that matter. What can one expect to find or detect passing through it, in it in some period of...