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    Natural vs supernatural question

    I think "supernatural" means some thing that occurs out of the predictable magnitude of the human's imagination. We generalize and predict what could happen or what suppose to happen, i.e. the brain-dead patient should never go out of his coma; nonetheless, it would be supernatural that one...
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    Electron speed in wire in circuit

    Thank you very much for your reply, I am sorry I have apply my introductory physics into something that much more complex. Obviously, I have never had quantum machanic so pardon me. However, it is quite interesting that I now could see how Newtonian physics fail at the quantum level. Thanks all!
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    Electron speed in wire in circuit

    Thank you you all for your contribution to my question.
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    Electron speed in wire in circuit

    But according to kinetic energy this small force would provide an enormous velocity (E = 1/2mv^2) to the electron that has mass m= 9. X 10^-31kg. Nonetheless, I would interest in in drift current. This may answer my question. So please give some more explanation if you can. Other argument...
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    Electron speed in wire in circuit

    I do not agree because the electron would have so great speed from the electric force. I would move through the wire at any length in very little time. Furthermore, the electron would not have to collide with the atoms along the wire.
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    Electron speed in wire in circuit

    I do not agree with the "answer" below. What do you think about it? Question: When you turn the key in an automobile, you complete a circuit from the negative terminal through the electric starter and back to the posstive battery terminal. This is a DC circuit and electrons migrate through the...
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    Links for Self-Studying Physics by Nobel Laureate 't Hooft

    Thank this is so great. I would love to explore more this website!
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    Calculus in 20 Minutes

    I love the guy, hey it must be crazy to cover a calculus course in twenty minutes
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    EMERGENCY - What is

    Hi RE: [/B] Respect is what it means to you, and how your action shows it. Good luck with your quest.
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    Does everthing have life?

    My sincerity! From: wargreymonkktl To: prtcool I have seen a little confusion in your perception about physical elements and metaphysical elements. Let me explain in just a minute! 1. First of all, it is not logically to tell that human can physically create souls since soul in a...
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    Is there any difference between Miscible and Soluble?

    I think To my best understanding that the words miscible and soluble that our friend mentioned here is talking about the physical properties of the solute and the solvent. as I know that when we mix substances together they are aither miscible or unmiscible. However, "soluble" refers to...
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    How is knowledge transmited?

    When you talk about how the texts were write. You must look for what the purpose of these text. Obviously, You will not expect a high school student to read the book of college students and so on. We must look at who were the authors of the book that we are reading. you will not expect that...
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    Chemistry Tutorials

    this postplace is the best tutorial for chemistry ever!
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    The Graph About Torque And Mass

    Hi i am having a problem that i don't understand. i on a lab i must present the relationship of torque mass distance from the axis. the problem is how can i graph the graph with the mass of the object is the slope. this is really urgen! Please help me!
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    The Ultimate Question

    how about he has a booms that when it exploded it will make the matter become anti-matter and it means that the atoms will be vanished because we talk about conservation law only applies for matter. can you answer me that antimatter will follow the conservation law too? i am crazy to put that...
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    Hardwares help advices or direction please!

    hi! i am Vincent! i am a new comer in the computer world, and now i want to have information about hardware of a computer to know how a computer work phisically. please help me some ideas or give me some advice about my research! thanks for paying time to read my articles. by the way,is...
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    Solar power ideas-help !

    solar power ideas-help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hi i have a idea that i will use the solar panel to made a power source station to provide electricity with a variable voltage output. can you give me some ideas or suggestions about that i dea!!!!!!!!11 any idea would be great! thanks you for...
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    How can i prepare for a medical school?

    hi! thank for coming to answer my question! i am junor in high school. i want to have a future in the medical field but i don't know the way to go now. i will graduate next year but i don't know what i should take in college so i can be well-prepared for the medical shool? i will take an AP...
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    Integration of newton equation?

    never mind i get it anti-ln thank for your replies!
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    Integration of newton equation?

    ???????????? i dont' get it can you show how you get this?:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: please show me how you get it??????????????:grumpy:
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    Integration of newton equation?

    integration of newton equation??????? Newton's second law is insufficient to describe the motion of a particle. In addition, it requires a value for F, obtained by considering the particular physical entities with which the particle is interacting. For example, a typical resistive force may be...
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    Throwing a tennis ball through a wall

    as you say that the quantum theory does not describe the macroscopic object tive. but a macroscopic object are compose of the "quantum" particles.there must be a relationship between them. there must be a possibility that it will tunnel through the wall is we can give the ball a motion so that...
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    Modeling By Calculus?

    thank you for the link you provide me. can you please explain the meaning of the schrodinger's equation. how can we figure out the position of the object at psi(t,x) i hope it working? a "little bit" confusing about it.
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    Modeling By Calculus?

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    Modeling By Calculus?

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    Modeling By Calculus?

    thank you every much for your careful explanation! as you talking a bout the radiation of uranium. i want to ask you a question. we know that Uranium 235 is a radiactive substance. will its radiations make the environment( around the decaying unranium) become radiactive? is there an...
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    Modeling By Calculus?

    no i don't understand if the sign look like the number 6 in front of t variables in the fluid equation that was provided. what does it mean? eventhogh my math is not good but i can understand the meaning of the calculus you show. i just don't understand the physiologically sign( "6" in front...
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    What force is stronger, Gravity or Magnetism?

    what is the rotation direction af a BH? i have a question that if a matter fall in to a BH what will happen to it? will it be transformed in to light? can some body explain to me the relation between the light-coin thery with the BH. will BH can be a SWAPHOLE that can go through the time...
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    Modeling By Calculus?

    what does those equations mean i don't get it. i am at a very low level of math.