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    B Cosmic ray charge

    Cosmic rays are overwhelmingly positively charged. Hence, whatever is emitting them must be building up an enormous negative charge. So should we expect to see highly charged Reissner-Nordstrom black holes out there? Perhaps even near extremality?
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    A Anomaly of self-dual tensor

    I like the spectral-flow viewpoint on chiral anomalies, as described for instance in Peskin & Schroeder, last part of Ch. 19.1 This appears to depend crucially on the concept of fermi sea level, making it specific to fermions. However, bosonic self-dual tensor fields also have an anomaly...
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    Star groups SU*(N)

    I've run across a Lie group notation that I am unfamiliar with and having trouble googling (since google won't seem to search on * characters literally). Does anyone know the definition of the "star groups" notated e.g. SU*(N), SO*(N) ?? The paper I am reading states for example that SO(5,1)...
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    B Strings 2016 Videos

    Is it just me or are the videos at Strings 2016 unwatchable? They start and stop and continually seem to buffer, as if the bandwidth is not sufficient. The organizers did not respond to my email. I don't see a way to download and view offline, and I can't tell anything about the streams, e.g...
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    Special conformal transformation and inversions

    Question, within the conformal group of say standard euclidean space can the inversion be obtained by exponentiating the standard generators? Presumably it would be with some combination of translation and special conformal transformation in parallel directions but I'm not seeing how it can work...
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    The role of mathematics in physics (and science)

    Hi guys, In my blog I present an argument (pretty simple) that mathematics must be the foundation of any possible universe (as it certainly seems to be in ours). I wrote it because it seems that so many people, both mathematicians and physicists, not to mention...