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    Stigmatas ects

    this is what i really wanted to ask anyone, Has anyone read sylvia brown's book, Secrets and Mysteries of the World? Had a flat tire to night when i was .... a really nice Englishman, Michael changed my flat. He was dressed nice, had flowers for his wife of 16 years (my kinda god) and...
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    Should Animals Eat Meat?

    And if they do does that make them maneaters? Carniforous, vegetarians, and if eating animals makes a persona cannibals - what then?
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    The Beatles

    What is their number one song? What was their number two song? What was their number three song? In order please. Thank you.
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    To Greg B (ect.)

    Greg, I just wanted to say thank you for this phorum. Sorry sorry if I am on the wrong thread for this. Some may think I have ADD, I am pretty sure, I am certain I am simply -D. Thank goodness. One D is plenty. A sincere thank you - to you- (FF - this is your brain child right? yes. i...
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    Same time last year - Iran

    Was there an earthquake last year in Iran that was just as devastating? Perhaps more so because it was in Iran and killed thousands! Was it really exactly one year ago, with the exception of 58 minutes off? What time did the earthquake on Christmas Eve strike PST? No one seems to know...