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    Energy Metabolism

    Is it safe to assume that catabolic reactions are always exergonic and anabolic reactions are always endergonic? Also, I had a question on energy metabolism. Since the mitochondria is where energy is stored, does that mean that metabolic (energy) pathways only occur in the mitochondria? Or is...
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    Please help: astronomy questions about how earth orbits the sun

    Below are some questions. I have struggled with these questions so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. The Earth orbits the Sun: a. in a perfect circle an ellipse with the sun at the center an ellipse with the sun at the focus a shape...
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    Ski Slope Question

    an avalanche begins on a ski slope. the mountain is 30 degrees above horizontal. a skier is 100m downhill on path of avalanche 1. how much time does skier have to move out of way if no friction? 2. how much time does skier have if Uk is 0.1? answer= 1. 6.4 s 2...
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    PLEASE HELP: Newtons law question

    a 20 kg box is on frictionless surface acted on by two horizontal surfaces. when in same direction, it pulls 11 m/s but in opposite directions, it pulls only 1 m/s. determine magnitude of each force. answer: 120 N , 100 N okay...i need help with this. i am using newtons law: force=mass x...
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    QUESTION: Chemistry

    URGENT QUESTION: Chemistry i would think that enthalpy of reaction would always have to be greater than activation in order to proceed. however, i thought the rest were false. please help me...this is very frustrating. This problem involves consideration of the following statements...
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    Admissions Applying for Medical School Outside United States?

    Would entry be more likely if you applied to medical schools outside the United States?
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    Merry-go-round angular speed physics

    A merry-go-round of radius R=2.0 m has a moment of inertia I=250 kg m2, and is rotating at 10 rpm. A child whose mass is 25 kg jumps onto the edge of the merry-go-round, by jumping directly toward the center at 6.0 m/s. The new angular speed (in rpm) of the merry-go-round is approximately A)...