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    Boolean-Could someone check my answer?

    I was just wondering if someone could check my answer for simplifiying the below question. \bar{(A+B)}(A+B)= X the first (A+B) has a continuous bar above it from bracket to braket. Would this be the correct way to simplifiy it? (\bar{A}*\bar{B}) + (A+B)= X...
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    More Boolean Equations

    I would like to thank everyone for the help on the last Boolean Equation but know I seem to be stuck on simplifing the last two. any help in simplifing these would be excellent: Here they are; 1. (A+B)(A+B)= X THE FIRST (A+B) IN THE EQUATION HAS A CONTINIOUS BAR ABOVE...
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    Boolean Algebra AB(A+Bar)=X

    I was just wondering if anyone could lend me some guidence in the boolean equation AB(A+B)= X when the last "B" in the formula has a bar above it.. thanks