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    A simple explination of why clocks move faster in space

    i am sure that you all know experiments have been done with atomic clocks in outer space and it was found that the atomic clocks that had been in orbit of the earth were further ahead than the ones on earth, does this mean that you travel slightly faster through time while in orbit of the earth...
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    Is sound effected by air resistance?

    i was thinking... sound fades off over distance... does this happen because of air resistance? i know there are a ton of factors involved in this... but is this one of the more important ones in it? if anyone has any ideas please post them :D
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    Kind of hard to explain theory of a lot of everything

    i cant explain everything, if i could i would... but ill explain what i have concluded through hours of boredom and wishing my classes at school were harder... according to the 10 dimensional theory... there was a 10 dimensional galaxy... and it split... that doesnt quite make sense...