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    Day after tomorrow: Can an ice age occur overnight?

    I just watched a day after tomorrow for the first time today, am I really hit me. Can A ice age occur overnight?
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    Polynomial Functions

    Graph each function given below on a graphing calculator to find a general rule for determining when a graph crosses the x axis at an x intercept or when the graph just touches and turns away from the x axis. State the rule that you find. y = (x + 1)^2(x - 2) y = (x - 4)^3(x - 1)^2 y =...
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    Equation log3x help

    Confused 1.Describe the changes to the graph of y = log4x when x is replaced by 16x2 2.Describe the steps you would say over the phone to explain how to solve the equation log3x +log3(x+2)=1 thanks in advance
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    Trigonometry Function Help

    1. Explain why the functions y= cos x and y = sin(x+90) are the same function. Explanation must be detailed include graphs if you wish. 2. Outline why the identities are referred to as Pythagorean identities: sin²θ + cos²θ = 1 1 + tan²θ = sec²θ 1 + cot²θ = csc ²θ HELP...