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    Google Search PhysicsForums Virus Attack

    While searching a topic on Google, I ran across a link that lead to Physicsforums so I clicked the link. The next thing I knew, my computer was under massive attack. Viruses were being delivered as anti-virus warning windows began popping up. Spybots and Malware were being delivered - found...
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    Cosmological Redshift

    I would like to hear some interpretations of this phenomenon, especially in regards to what happens to the energy of photons in cosmological redshift – where do YOU think it goes? Is it lost or is it conserved?
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    Skinny galaxy harbors massive black hole at core

    "Skinny" galaxy harbors massive black hole at core What kind of changes to our "rule of thumb" can we expect from this finding?
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    View New Posts

    Is it possible to place the "View New Posts" link on every page?