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    Fuel cell collector

    Hi, I haven't posted anything on here in a long time, but thought somebody here could help me out. I am building a fuel system for an endurance sports car. I have a sealed 0.6 gallon collector in the fuel cell with three 75gph pumps, capable of 95psi feeding it, through 3/8" hose. It then...
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    Force on cam gear bolts

    Hi, I'm trying to find some formulas to figure out the force on the bolts of a cam gear.
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    Books on engine building or modification

    Hi, I'm looking for some good books on engine building or modification. Any suggestions or preferences would be appreciated.
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    HP gains from colder air

    I'm trying to find out the HP percentage gains per degree of colder air. I'm thinking of implementing an intercooler on a naturally aspired race engine. I am trying to figure out if the power gains would be enough to out weigh the flow restrictions of an intercooler. Any rough numbers would...
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    Con rod failure in motorbike

    Hi, I am an amtuer engine builder working on offroad race motorcycles. On the Honda Crf450 engines I have been working on, I have been having a large number off con rods failing in numerous ways. I have had the the con rod snap right below the piston with no sign of bearing failure. I've...