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    Fick's Second law from Boltzmann Equation

    Homework Statement Starting from the kinetic equation for the distribution function F*(t, r, v) of some labelled particle admixture in a gas, derive the self-diffusion equation ∂n*/∂t = D∇2n* for the number density n*(t,r) = ∫d3vF*(t,r,v) of the labelled particles. Derive also the expression...
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    Optics - Obtaining structure of an object using a laser

    Hi, Recently I did an experiment to try and discover what some objects look like microscopically, using a laser and looking at their diffraction patterns. We used the fact that the intensity profile you obtain is the fourier transform of the object you're shining it through, so we can recover...
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    Question on angular momentum of triplet and singlet wavefunctions

    Hi, I'm relatively new to QM so just a basic explanation of my problem would be amazing! I'm doing some internet research on superfluidity over my summer holiday, and was looking specifically at 3He, and the way it forms Cooper pairs. Having read a classical analogy to why the relative angular...