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    Which abstract algebra textbook is most cummulative

    If I were to use an abstract algebra book for quick and easy reference which one would it be? Dummit and Foote is very cumulative, is there anything better in the market? And how long would it take to work out all of D + F for an average student with basic background in Algebra?
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    Pre-reqs for graph theoretic Hurwitz Groups

    So I'm trying to understand this paper (found here: but my math skills are very limited. These include: -Groups (the very basics, like the first of Charles Pinter's book) -Analysis (the very basics) But what all books/papers/topics would you suggest I...
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    An Introduction to Thermal Physics by Schroder - any thoughts

    Hi! I'll be covering the above book next semester and was wondering if there is anything I should be particularly aware of about thermal physics. -aLearner
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    Do Freshman Grades Really Matter?

    So I got As Bs Cs in my freshman courses. Pretty bad compared to how I did in school, but I got carried away with all the college stuff. So far I've only taken intro courses, and the real physics starts next term. So every intro course I did bad on I have a chance to do good on the advanced...
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    Courses A Course Plan to Master General Relativity

    So this is purely for self-study purposes. Say I'm very keen on understanding GR well, but I don't even have the prerequisites done for even starting to grasp GR. Would anyone be able to give an outline of the skills necessary in understanding GR? An outline would look something like this...
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    Should I Work Out Every Problem in the Book?

    Ok, this is a serious question. It seems like some experience will be lost if I don't do this, but like most self-study efforts, it's time consuming. Any suggestions?
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    So How do I get Research Level good?

    So I've been wondering, how much of a subject do you study before you begin research on the subject? And how do you know when you're ready? Say that I'm working on general relativity. How do I: 1) Get really good on the subject? 2) Know when I'm ready to do research on the subject? Also...
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    Mathematical physicists please help!

    So I really want to get good at mathematical physics. Below is a list of books I could get from various libraries, but I don't know which one's I should start with and which to do next and so on. I currently understand intro CM, EM, and QM. My math skills are very basic (ODES as of now). I thank...
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    A Quest to Perfectly Understand Classical Mechanics

    Hi, I'm currently a sophomore at college trying to perfect his understanding of classical mechanics. I finished Taylor's book a while ago, but now once again realized that I still don't understand mechanics all that well. So, I'm going to start from scratch. And dig deep, questioning...