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    Electric field

    Homework Statement Calculate the magnitude and direction of the electric force if a charge of −3.5 × 10−7 C is placed in a field of 12 N/C Homework Equations e = Fe/q The Attempt at a Solution I just plugged in values into the equations to find Fe and my answer was negative so the force is...
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    Coulomb's law question

    Homework Statement The charge on two pith balls can be calculated by knowing their masses and observing the angle of separation between the balls. If both balls are equally charged and they are suspended by strings that are 1.0 m long, calculate that charge. Homework Equations F = k q Q /...
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    Wave nature of light question

    Homework Statement A student enters Best Buy prepared to buy a pair of speakers. Before he does so, he conducts an experiment with them. He places the speakers4.0 m apart and connects a signal generator to both speakers that produces a single and consistent tone. (constant wavelength and...
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    Force of gravity question

    OH I just realized my mistake! i was doing 0.5GMm/R^2 but i had to do 2GMm/R^2. Thank you for all the help!!!
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    Force of gravity question

    Thank you!! So should i do Fg1 = Fg2 and when i reduce it, it gives me 1/R^2 = 1/2R^2 but the second R is radius of earth plus the distance of the satellite? I tried to solve for the distance and got a negative number.
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    Force of gravity question

    A rocket ship is moving away from the earth after having been fired from a launch pad in Florida. At what point above the earth's surface will the force of gravity be reduced to ½ of its original value? ------------------ Prior to this question I was given the equations to calculate the Force...
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    Physics momentum car question

    Homework Statement A collision in Phystown is being analyzed by the O.P.P. accident analysis team. A 1000 kg Toyota known to be moving at 65 km/h [W] collided at an intersection with a 3000 kg SUV moving [N]. After the collision, the two vehicles "stuck" together and the police estimate that...
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    Physics Forces Question with mass

    When you find the net force it is usually the hypotenuse of the x and y components and here you're already given the hypotenuse (the 3N)
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    Physics Forces Question with mass

    Homework Statement A force of 3.0 N and 1.0 N act on a 6.0 kg mass as shown. What is the acceleration of the 6.0 kg mass? Homework Equations Fnet = ma The Attempt at a Solution I did 3N as fnet so fnet=ma, 3=6a and solved for a i was just wondering if what i did was right and if i need to...
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    Position-time graph kinematics

    Homework Statement Calculate the average velocity after 11 s. Homework Equations v=d/t The Attempt at a Solution I need to find the total displacement to find average velocity. I assumed the displacement was -4 as the graph goes up then back down to 0 then -4 so total is just -4. Is that a...
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    Kinematics Question -- Plane heading to take into a headwind

    yeah oops how would i solve the question because my method was wrong
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    Kinematics Question -- Plane heading to take into a headwind

    Homework Statement A pilot is flying from City A to City B which is 300 km [NW]. If the plane will encounter a constant wind of 80 km/h from the north and the schedule insists that he complete his trip in 0.75 h, what air speed and heading should the plane have? Homework Equations v=d/t The...
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    Diffraction gratings

    Homework Statement A diffraction grating produces a third-order maximum, at an angle of 22 degrees, for red light (694.3 nm). Determine the spacing of the lines. Homework Equations for maxima: sin θm = mλ/d where m is the order of the maxima, λ is the wavelength in nm, and d is the spacing...
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    Wave interference-double slit

    Homework Statement A student performing Young's experiment with a single-colour source finds the distance between the first and the seventh nodal lines to be 6.0 cm. The screen is located 3.0 m from the two slits. The slit separation is 2.2 x 10^2 nanometres. Calculate the wavelength of the...
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    Physics question about black holes and determing their mass?

    Homework Statement a black hole has schwarzschild radius of 15.4km what is the mass of the black hole in terms of the suns mass? Homework Equations Rsch = 2GM/c^2 The Attempt at a Solution I plugged values into the equation and isolated for M and it gave me a different answer. Idk how the...
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    Question about universal gravitation

    Homework Statement A piece of an empty rocket booster fuel tank (mass 45 kg) is ejected from a rocket that is 2100 km above the Earth's surface. It is travelling upwards at 4.5km/s at this time. a) what is the total energy of the booster at this time? b) Will it return to earth? Homework...