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    Particle Physics: Partial Decay Widths and Branching Ratios

    Hello there, This isn't specifically homework, it is study. I'm having a difficult time trying to understand how to calculate/estimate partial decay widths, \Gamma[\itex], and Branching Ratios. I haven't found very clear information online so far. Here's just an example below that I'd like...
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    Period of Harmonic Oscillator using Numerical Methods

    Homework Statement Numerically determine the period of oscillations for a harmonic oscillator using the Euler-Richardson algorithm. The equation of motion of the harmonic oscillator is described by the following: \frac{d^{2}}{dt^{2}} = - \omega^{2}_{0}x The initial conditions are x(t=0)=1...
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    Deriving Expression for Population Fraction (Statistical Mechanics)

    Homework Statement A quasi-3 level solid-state laser gain medium consists of a ground state manifold containing two energy levels within which a single electron can be promoted, with the second energy 10meV above that of the lowest level. A. Where the gain medium is not optically pumped...
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    Finding radius of nucleus from semi-empirical mass formula?

    Homework Statement The nuclei ^{41}_{21}Sc and ^{41}_{20}Ca are said to be a pair of mirror nuclei. If the binding energy of ^{41}_{21}Sc and ^{41}_{20}Ca is 343.143 MeV and 350.420 MeV, respectively, estimate the radii of the two nuclei with the aid of the Semi-Empirical Mass Formula...
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    Thermodynamic Derivation of Wien's Law?

    Can someone tell me how I can derive Wien's law, i.e., \lambda_{max} T = constant where \lambda_{max} is the peak wavelength and T is the absolute temperature of the black body, using the equation, P=\frac{U^{*}}{3} where U^{*} is the energy density. Note: I'm not looking for...
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    Quantum Mechanics: Question on Angular Momentum

    Homework Statement Consider a system that is initially in the state: \psi\left(\theta,\phi\right)=\frac{1}{\sqrt{5}}Y_{1,-1}\left(\theta,\phi\right) + \frac{\sqrt{3}}{5}Y_{1,0}\left(\theta,\phi\right)+\frac{1}{\sqrt{5}}Y_{1,1}\left(\theta,\phi\right) Part 1: Find <\psi|L_{+}|\psi> Part 2...
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    Thermodynamics: Derive Modifications for TdS equations for Wire under Constant Force

    Homework Statement I have been stuck on the following question for a while now, particularly part B and C, and I'd like some help with it please. I've completed part A already. The Question: (A) Combine the following TdS equations: TdS = C_{v} dT + T\left(\frac{\partial P}{\partial...
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    Configuring op-amp to supply constant current

    Homework Statement How could an op-amp with feedback be configured so that it would supply a constant current to some load, even if the resistance of the load changed? Homework Equations None. Just a general question. The Attempt at a Solution I don't really know how to approach...
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    Find matrix of T with respect to the standard basis of R^3

    Homework Statement For this whole question let T be a linear transformation from R^3 to R^3 with T(1,0,0) = (2,2,2), T(0,1,0) = (1,2,2), T(0,0,1) = (0,0,1). (a) Find the image of (1,1,2009) (b) Find the matrix of T with respect to the standard basis in R^3 Homework Equations Standard...
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    Physics BSc in Physics to Finance

    Hey there, I'm in second year of a physics/math degree. I've had some revelations over the past year and realise that I probably will not be interested in entering into the field of research or academia. I'm looking at the field of finance now (I hear that this is a common career path for...
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    Is it right to say that calculus is advanced algebra?

    I was having a discussion with a friend and I wanted to know if the following statement is true: "calculus is advanced algebra and deals with curves (changing numbers), group theory is another branch of advanced algebra. The point is they are all algebra."
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    Physics Physics Major to related career?

    ^^^^^ Sorry about the title of the post (typo) it should read "Physics Major to Finance Related Career" I've a BSc in Physics at the moment; majoring in Experimental Physics and minoring in Mathematical Physics. I wanted to know how hard would it be for a physics major like me to transfer to...
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    Newton's Laws and a Supreme Being

    Personally I'm on the border-line between atheist and agnostic however the following statement gets me thinking. It is a statement that every physicist can resite without having to think; "Every object remains in a state of rest or in uniform motion until acted on by an external force"...