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    I need help with some chem questions

    then what does that mean, that is monoprotic??
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    I need help with some chem questions

    What do you mean by monoprotic?? never heard of this before. hahaha!! All i know is that oxalic acid reacts with 2 moles of NaOH to neutralize the concentration.
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    I need help with some chem questions

    Homework Statement You are given an impure sample of oxalic acid dihydrate (MW=126.068 g/mole) and asked to determine the percent of oxalic acid dihydrate present in the sample. You place 0.110 grams of the unknown sample in an Erlenmeyer flask and dissolve it in distilled water. Titration with...
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    Chem solution help!

    Homework Statement 1.It takes 15 drops of solution A to react completely with 29 drops of solution B? Which equation below represents this reaction in the smallest whole number ratio? Assume that solution A and solution B have the same molarity. Remember that there is always a slight amount...