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    MATLAB Implementation of Matlab Controllers onto real systems

    Hi All, I am an engineer with limited knowledge of the mechanisms with link hardware to software designs, for example in real time control systems, and wonder if you could help me understand what happens. Can somebody explain to me what the typical process might be; let's say for instance...
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    Calculating Energy of an inlet gas stream; 2 conflicting methods

    Homework Statement I want to calculate the energy of an inlet gas stream (I will add heat later but need to know the rate at which energy is coming into the system [J/s]). The fluid is air and I can decompose it into molar flow rates of the constituent gases. I now need to use lookups to...
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    Dynamics Problem (Find Angular Velocity)

    Hope you can offer me some help with this question - I feel close to getting it myself but have spent ages looking at it now. Question and working so far is attached. I think what I need to do to enable me to perform the integral is to get theta as a function of time, or instead somehow...
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    Relationship betwen pressure and flow in experiment shown

    If I set up an experiment as shwon in the schematic attached, where the effective length of the tubing is 25m (this then goes to a short length of smaller area tubing), and the pressure applied is contant, what kind of relationship should I expect between pressure drop and flow rate? I...
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    Steam vs Fuly saturated air: Separation

    For water separation purposes, what's the difference between steam and fully saturated air? I was looking at a certain product: And I'm not sure if such a thing would be suitable for separating the water from a fully saturated air stream at about 60degC...
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    Venturi tube obeys ideal gas law?

    The ideal gas law staes that pressure is inversely proportional to volume. Makes sense but I am confused by what happens in a venturi tube, where volume seems to decrease at the same time that pressure decreases also. I understand that dynamic pressure increases in the throat but what am I...
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    Separation of water from air at high temperature

    How might one try to separate water from air at high temperature (say, 75degC) - if the gas if fully saturated? I understand that you should try to cool it down first to do so, but other than putting it though a heat exchanger is there any other approach you can take? Thanks
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    MATLAB Matlab: picking only integers out of a for loop

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and only have a few months experience with matlab but am getting to know it. Hope you can help me. I have a for loop which looks like: for f = a:a:b command end Now, I only want to execute this command for the integer values in this loop. eg. if it was...