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    Are business degree profitable?

    Hey just curious about the profitability of a business degree. I hear MBA's are very popular, what about the bachelors though? And how do these stand next to degrees related to money?
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    A limit of F(x) says what we already know?

    I've been getting very annoyed with learning limits lately. Through direct substitution we can find the limit of something, I know that. F(x)= x + 2. Intuitively, I know that if I were to substitute 2 to x I would get 4. F(4)= 2+ 2 = 4. This appears to be correct. Likewise, the LIMIT of...
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    Physics Physics PhD Versatility?

    Hey all, I've been contemplating PhD'ing in physics for a long time now. Originally I wanted to pursue this goal for my affinity to learning and interest in research. However, like other people in I've seen posting in this forum lately, I too have developed an strange fascination for finance...
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    Domain and range of a function help

    So I'm skipping pre-cal with full intentions of picking up on AP Calc. Our summer course work is taken from a book called preparing for calculus. After giving me some who-dad that I knew already everything changed in an instant. There's a little gap that isn't quiet filled. A function is...
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    I'm a skinny guy

    Looking to gain muscle. MY parents are actually not in all. So I don't see why I don't have any weight..but I don't. I need a plan or something to go from 5'10 120 lbs to something a bit more sturdier. I don't wanna hit the gym alot, and i don't mind chemicals, if they aren't very very...
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    Laptop and community

    So, recently I've noticed, here I am reading my "first book to c++" When I'm not really busy. However at these times, I'm not at home. So I'm working on grasping concepts while not quite getting practice. So I decided I should buy a laptop. What laptop would be fabulous for a 340 biweekly...
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    If and else question

    So, in my C++ book it says only a single statement can be used in an if-else like if (blah==blahblah) cout<<blahblahblah else cout<<blah he ha unless you do if (blah==blahblah) { cout<<blahblahblah cout<<also blah } else { cout<<blah he ha cout<<blah le ha...
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    Inclined planes + vector questions

    So, my physics teacher has made this VERY confusing. We use vectors. But for some reason I keep wanting to think the resultant vector is the ultimate vector for magnitude and direction of force,speed acceleration w/e. But for some reason I'm not seeing that Normal force is the force that...
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    Using USB flash drive for extra memory?

    So, if i use this ready boost feature, will i be able to pull my drive otu when I'm done without it have any random crap on it?
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    Friction and normal force

    More or less just a general question. So if the normal force is pretty much the weight of the object (mass times acceleration of gravity) and then the friction is that times the coefficient? So basically weight is what causes MORE magnitude of friction? We take the force vector of gravity...
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    Acceleration problem. me vs book

    Homework Statement A bus is traveling at 30.0 km/h speeds up at a constant rate of 3.5 ms/^2. What velocity does it reach at 6.8 seconds later? book says I get 115 km/hour Homework Equations Vf=Vi+a x delta t The Attempt at a Solution First I changed 30.0 km/hour to...
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    Help me help my diet!

    I have a soda drinking problem. Basically, all I want to do is a find a healthier thing to drink. Due to lack of sleep and exercise i feel like i might be losing mental clarity, so perhaps something thats sort of a "Brain drink"? Anything good? green tea maybe?
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    Vectors and Physics

    I've been going along in this physics book and I've been getting along in it. Vectors took me some time though, and i sitll have questions. So i understand how a vector "displacement" and be gained from a bunch of distances travelled, and i know the <x,y> components would simply be total east...
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    Want to open my own lab one day

    Every now and then I entertain this thought. The more i study the sciences the more i want to continue studying. I've spent hundreds of dollars on books ranging from physics to mathematics to organic and biochemistry to eletronics, I bought Kent's Mechnicals Engineer's Handbook today(mainly...
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    Physics Not so theoretical physicists

    Hi guys. I was surfing threads on this forum once again and i read a line that was like physicists aren't interested in mechanics..or else they'd be engineers.. And in other threads things like physics not being practicle. This is confounding. Physics..originally something of philosophy, not...
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    Bicycles and their mad skillz

    Alright. So I'm froob and must admit I don't quite understand the bicycle and how it seems to give you more for less, so to say. I figured the shape of a wheel and how the curves stand off from the ground sorta enable gravity to give an extra pull on it. How ever , when I went to look it up it...
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    Do Camcorders/ Video camera have Sensors in them?

    Curious. I have a video camera and I've decided to take it apart. I posted a thread a while ago about building a robot, so It would be nice if somehow i could use something from this camera to give it "vision" or "Senses". So I want to know. Do these things have sensors in them? Is that how they...
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    I wanna build a robot!

    So I know little about engineering. But I do know a thing or two about programming in c++ now. I've disassembled many eletronics (MANYMANYMANY) IN my house. Like we have all sorts of things I could just take apart. Since I know little about robots and engineering them I decided I'd also...
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    C/++/# Using c++ can I

    Create my own browser? I like firefox and all, but I can't get it to be PERFECT for me..
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    How do you deal with this?

    So I know they're must be atleast one other person in the world just like me. So I can go on asking this question. How do you deal with the constant pressure of that certain female on your mind? LOL i know your thinking LOL. I find it hard to work with this chick always on my mind. How can i...
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    Concepts behind math?

    Often time we hear people who are good at math understand the concepts behind it.. What do they mean by concepts behind it? Proofs? I always imagined a person good at math could do the math but also had the capacity to apply many areas of math to a single problem. Like for instance..when...
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    Programs Associates degree to physics bachelor?

    I plan to be finishing highschool with an Associates thanks to dual enrollment. I was wonder, how long from that, would it take for me to receive a bachelors in physics? 2 years? more?
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    Another problem dealing with heat transfer

    Homework Statement How much Fe at 200.0C must be placed in 100.00g of water at 20C so that the temperature of both will be at 35.0? Homework Equations Q=MCdeltaT The Attempt at a Solution Energy required to raise water is 6300 J So I did by: (keep in mind I used sig figs)...
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    Final temperature problem

    Homework Statement if 100.0g of water at 100.0 C is mixed with 200g of water at 20.0 in an insulated container, what will the final temperature be? Homework Equations Q=MCdeltaT The Attempt at a Solution Since the energy change would be equal but opposite I though oh well I can...
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    Math freeware?

    I'm sorta budgeted at the moment.. So freeware would be nice, but feel free to list what ever resources. I want some program that can help me learn math or atleast give me extra practice. Saying upper level of algebra and geometry and trig and calculas
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    The Energy Contained in a FunyunI must be mistaken?

    Homework Statement I'm required to find the amount of energy via calories in a single funyun and then calculate the amount of calories per gram. Homework Equations Q=(M)C(deltaT)(Energy gained) Q=M(deltaT) (Get Q in calories minus C because specific eat for water is same as joules per...
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    Studying Studying before tests?

    I'm wondering how many of you who makes excellent grades actually study before the test? I never do and It's usually because I have homework anyway the day before the test. But Like Shouldn't you be studying and getting practice while you do your homework that builds up to the test? I'm a keen...
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    What would I write first?

    So I've been slowly and surely learning c++. However I think..what would i program with my new knowledge? I'm more so interested in learning it for the sole purpose of its neccessity in my college life and perhaps future career so i never put much thought about that into it. But applying it ia...
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    Python Confused(python question)

    I'm using Windows Vista. Just thought I'd throw that out there.So i downloaded python 3.1. And it's like now what? After my thread about c++ i have decided to infact try out python. But i can't seem ot figure it out. Why isn't it as simple as opening up a source page? All this stuff about...