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    Please help me understand why this won't work

    You need to accerate the mass forward to prevent the machine from falling. This acceleration requires energy which won't be provided by the falling mass. Research "perpetual motion" and you'll see why this won't work.
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    Worst movie physics/common sense

    He had a drag chute under the F/A-18's speed brake... the speed brake works, but there's no parachute under it, not even room for one. I recall some AIr Force fighters had drag chutes as late as twenty-five years ago. The absolute worst for me was "Broken Arrow" where the base some miles...
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    Evil in history

    Hrm... saying Michaelangelo is evil because he designed weapons is akin to saying EInstein is evil because his calculations (and intervention) led to the Manhattan Project. For that matter, Newton is evil because he invented Calculus which is critical for ballistics work. As for...
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    Lightning strikes and computers

    Jeez, you're fast, Pengwuino! :rolleyes:
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    Lightning strikes and computers

    There are a lot of factors involved. Best policy is to assume the whole computer is toast (especially for insurance reasons), and test each component out individually. Virtually guaranteed is the Power Supply being damaged. It may have protected the rest of the system, but that is a fairly...
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    Online Love Can It Happen?

    Hehehe... too true...
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    Man Dies From Posting Too Many Comments

    The Mikkelson's are pretty good at researching the rumors that come into their e-mail... I think that's their primary source of Urban Legends to be investigated. They provide resources used to prove or disprove, they will label uncertain any that can't be nailed down, and they answer their...
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    Online Love Can It Happen?

    There is love and there is infatuation. Unfortunately, it is difficult (if not impossible) to know whether one is in love or merely infatuated until they've experienced both emotions. Many outsiders may be able to discern, but when has someone in either emotional state bothered to listen to...
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    HP desktop that shuts off without warning

    Bah... I guess that means I will have proofread more thoroughly in these forums in the future... :yuck:
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    HP desktop that shuts off without warning

    In this case an upgrade would mean nearly a whole computer and the original cause of failure would be gone... Why can't I edit and fix my post up there? No edit button for me? :confused:
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    Help me logic needed

    Okay... I see the equation now. So what the original poster wants is a way to figure out the amounts needed of each ingredint to produce the desired output? Here I was thinking he wanted to know what happens when you combine two ingredients... getting all the valences, ionizations and all...
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    Help me logic needed

    Okay, I can see the sense in that, but now your first example looks wrong-- I see one copper atom and an O2 molecule becoming a Copper Oxide molecule
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    Help me logic needed

    If that's so, then what happened to the other two copper atoms in the last equation?
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    Help me logic needed

    Dngrsone ----> head explodey
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    The Cartoon laws of physics

    Otherwise known as Hammerspace. It is possible that only females are able to access this extra dimension.
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    Male Vs Female

    Women can read minds a lot better than men. How many times has your mom busted you for stuff and she wasn't even in the room? Dad could have sitting right next to you, absolutely oblivious... There's always the white-haired ancient crone of a schoolteacher who knew when notes were being...
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    Do popular science books help at ALL?

    I am in the awkward position where the pop books don't have enough, but the in-depth texts are above my current level-- I don't know calculus, and therefore can't read the equations to understand what the write is trying to convey. :grumpy: I see a lot of oversimplification, dumbing down...
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    HP desktop that shuts off without warning

    If it let you restart immediately, then chances are it's a PSU reset... check the fan on your power supply and make sure it is working. There is a chance that the reset is being caused by an overcurrent... this could be heat-related as well since temperature will affect the current sensors to...
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    Help me logic needed

    How many computer-oriented people understand how to equate chemical balance? Personally I couldn't wrap my brain around it. I can grasp the physics, but the actual calculations might as well be in sanskrit for all the good they do for me.
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    This is one of my favorite references for electrical questions. Bill breaks the definitions down into precise terms and his explanation of how transistors work is a heck of a lot better than what I was originally taught. I know a few hobbyists who don't have a real understanding of the...
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    Plz help me in solving this circuit

    The key is to redraw the circuit... follow the current path from one end of the power source, creating a parallel branch every time the path splits. You should end up with a hybrid series-parallel circuit. If it gets too confusing, try drawing from the other direction. Once you have...
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    Taking care of laptop.

    Using a vacuum occasionally will help prevent dust accumulation.
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    The strangest PF'er!

    His signature gave it away... I bet there's an interesting story behind that quote.
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    The strangest PF'er!

    I would hazard to guess that he is or was a Naval aviator.
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    Is there a way to appear smarter?

    I would agree with marlon-- the less talking you do, the better. Let the fools speak; the person with reserve, who deliberates before speaking, generally has the upper hand in a conversation. The best way to appear smarter is to be smarter. Which means one should always be learning, and to...
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    The strangest PF'er!

    I would wager no more or less than anyone else around here.
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    Do you like Palm or Pocket PC?

    I've always maintained that the best PDA is the one you currently own. Like dduardo said, it's personal preference. PDAs are still at the stage where your choice of Operating system can largely be decided by the application(s) you want/need to use. I use and prefer PalmOS and the programs I...
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    Why don't they use Pyromagnetic Generators in nuclear power plants?

    The English link you provided is just a variation on a theme... using steam to power a magnet to pass though a coil... this on is just linear instead of rotational like the turbines in use now. If anything, it looks like it requires more moving parts than a turbine system does.
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    Installing more RAM than

    If the hardware only recognizes 512MB per slot, then the new memory may not be recognizable at all by the machine.
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    What is SLI?

    Scalable Link Interface Two identical video cards work in tandem to process the graphics for the computer. The cards must be identical, there is a bridge or two that connect them so one card knows which portions of the page the other is doing. It is kind of a workaround hack until the...