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    Integration using Trig Substitution

    Homework Statement \int \frac{cosx dx}{\sqrt{1 + sin^{2}x}} Homework Equations Expression: \sqrt{a^{2} + x^{2}} Substitution: x = a*tan\Theta Identity: 1 + tan^{2}\Theta = sec^{2}\Theta The Attempt at a Solution I have tried using Trig Substitution, but I end up getting an equation much...
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    Bonds? Where are the val. e-'s

    In convalent bonds, when the atoms interact to form the bonds, where do the valence electrons, or clouds, exist. Do the simply loop around them in a chaotic figure eight of sorts, or do the electrons spin inbetween them? Is the realitive location of the the val. e-'s even know? And if the...
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    Memorize periodic table

    Does anyone have any interesting or easy ways to memorize the first, oh, 10 to 40 or so elements (only including the names and the abbv.)? thanks