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    How to measure output voltage of B200?

    Hi, I am a new student and trying to to measure the power and voltage output from B200 SDR device ( using oscilloscope (TDS3000 Series:
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    MATLAB Why 2 vectors are not the same in matlab?

    I have 2 vectors: a = 1.0e-04*[0.110000000000000 0.140000000000000 0.140000000000000 0.140000000000000]; b = [0.000011000000000 0.000014000000000 0.000014000000000 0.000014000000000]; by look at by eyes, it seems similar; but when I use this command: a == b then I got...
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    How to add confg file to allow UHD drive set priority?

    I have Ettus B210 and trying to add 1 line configuration file "/etc/security/limits.conf" which will allow UHD drive to set priority. So , I typed this command to edit file: gksudo gedit /etc/security/limits.conf and add: #@student hard nproc 20 #@faculty soft...
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    What is preventing me from achieving better accuracy for this delay?

    I have 2 PERFECT data of the transmitter and receiver. From 2 data, I can calculate the delay estimation: Fs = 8e6; % sample rate ... for i = 1:2 [cc_correlation,lag] = xcorr(signal2(i), signal1); [cc_maximum, cc_time] = max(abs(cc_correlation)); cc_estimation...
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    How to calculate standard deviation?

    I have 2 signals: signal1: signal2: signal2 represents for 20 measurements, each measurement combines with signal1 to get time delay estimation using xcorr. So, I will have 20 delays...
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    What do electric and magnetic fields look like around a dipole antenna?

    I am studying to about maxwell's equations on the electric and magnetic field. First of all, just do the example and exercise: [Broken] I have this dipole antenna...
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    How to measure time variation of 2 signals using an oscilloscope?

    I have 2 rubidium clocks which both are generating 10MHz sine wave. Some reason my system is giving bad data. So, I am deciding to inspect every single part of the system. I am trying to check the rubidium clock and make sure it have to be in nanosecond time variation, because: t=1/f = 1/10e6 =...
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    How to calculate Time Delay Estimation?

    I have 2 data files, which links are attached below: Transmitted data Received data Those binary data are read by this MATLAB code: %% initial values: nsamps = inf; nstart = 0; %% input...
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    Understanding time delay estimation for GPS?

    I really need help to understand these questions which is highlight, for the GPS situation, I hope anyone who has been working in this situation before, please help me to have a clear understanding about "time delay estimation": Here is the scenario: 1. Suppose I know precisely I have transmit...
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    Why “sudo cat /dev/ttyACM0” run only 1 time? (GPS)

    hi group, I am working on the GPS data collection, I Need help. If anyone who has been working on the u-blox GNSS Evaluation Kit Time EVK-M8T before and have seen it, please help. I do not know why sudo cat /dev/ttyACM0 only 1 time. I have the U-blox EVK-M8T which can read the NMEA messages...
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    C/++/# Why the data does not print out with eclipse in unbuntu?

    Dear group, I am using Eclipse in the Ubuntu operation system and trying to print out this data from the begin to the string "END OF HEADER" but I do not understand why it did not give me the one as I expected. I also used this file "albe0320_1.17n" to test and it worked, but the file that I...
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    C/++/# How to get data from text file in C++?

    Hi Group, I am trying to get data from text file, I hope someone can suggest me how to do? I also have this code which can read data, but i do not know how to scan every single line to get any information I want. Please help, Thank you very much. Here is my code: #include <iostream>...
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    How to compute the location of the antenna when I rotate it?

    Hi group, I have a question regarding to detect the location of the antenna. I read this link: In the "Complex exponential form" part, the equation: U(r,t) = U0 * exp(j*(k.r - w*t) as the function of location and time U0 = A0 * exp(j*phi) : A0 and...
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    MATLAB How to plot these figures?

    Dear group, I am new with matlab and trying to plot these figure out as the file request. I tried but could not get the same plot as the file has. I hope anyone can help. Here is the code which i am working on. Thank you. fc = 553e6; w = 0:2*pi*fc*1e-2:100*2*pi*fc; pau = 0.33; tau =...
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    How to calculate standard deviation from the delay?

    I am trying to calculate the unit vector and standard deviation of the signal. I hope everyone can give me ideas. Here is my scenario: I have 2 rx channels: - f is channel 1 with the length 1x256 complex, then FFT. - g is channel 2 with the length 1x256 complex, then FFT. - from f and g, I can...
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    How to detect multipath?

    Hi everyone, I am a new engineer just work in the real industry, so I would like to collect more experience from the real project. I am working on the Multipath problem, but I've not done before in the University, and really do not know how to solve it. During the discussion from the...
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    C/++/# How to read a list of USB from C++ in ubuntu OS?

    I am trying to use C++ (eclipse in Ubuntu OS) to read USB connection. Usually, on the terminal window, I can use command "lsusb" to see the list. Now, I want to do the same way with C++. can anyone help? Thank you very much.
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    How to calculate the time delay based on a function of antenna angle?

    Hi everyone, I am a new student who is studying on collecting data from TV signal. I hope everyone can help me for ideas. I am having spectrum analyzer which can define a TV station around me, so I chose 4 stations WHUT-TV [584MHz 590MHz], WPXN-TV [590MHz 596MHz], WTTG [60 MHz 608MHz], and WNVC...
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    Convert data from weird to regular data

    Dear Group, I have a 30_sec_data.txt with weird characters in it and data.txt with nice numeric in it, Any one have any ideal to help me convert data from weird to regular data using Matlab. Thank you, Best regard,
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    How to control any software using batch?

    Dear Forum, I am trying to run a random software (such as skype), there is easy to run by mouse and click on the icon on the desktop. Now, I am trying to take advance by using CMD (command prompt). I am going to type some basic command to make skype run, but I do not know how to go into any...
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    Python How can I control FLIR camera (tau 2.4) by using Python?

    Dear Forum, I am trying to use Python to control FLIR camera (tau 2.4) but I do not know there is possible or not? I say that because I see when I connect IR camera to the computer using USB, it shows COM port in the Device Manager and I've seen python possible to work with COM port through...
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    How to create batch file to shutdown computer?

    Dear Group, I would like to ask a question regarding to the batch file, I am trying to create a batch file which could help to to shutdown to computer quickly, but when i run batch file, the command window showed up and keep running too many line but did not shut down the computer. But when...
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    Powershell problems?

    Dear Group, I am trying to use powershell to automatically change desktop back ground, I had code and it worked (windows7 with 32 bit), but when I tried to put into different computer (windows7 with 64 bit) the code did not work and it showed the message. (images 1a and 1b below), Do you...
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    Howto set Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter as default

    Dear Group, I just set up a Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter using administration command prompt, its function as wifi hot spot, so the other devices could use this hot spot for the internet. ( ) But whenever I shutdown the computer and turn it on, I can not find it, I have to...
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    How to make raspberry pi connect with window7 (no internet)?

    Dear forum, I have an raspberry pi (which is using linux and bash),and I am trying to make connection with Windows7 and 8. As we know that we just need to download Putty.exe on the windows 7, run and insert IP address on to the box, another window will be showed up and "log in as" and...
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    How to remote computer using putty without an internet connection?

    Dear Group, I have 1 tablet and 1 desktop, I am trying to use tablet with putty.exe to remote a desktop without internet connection, My goal is creating bat file on the tablet, edit file such as: "start putty.exe -v -ssh %finderunit% -l FINDER -pw finder -m calibrate_commands.txt" . Means...
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    How to create GUI on the windows7 Desktop?

    Dear Group, I am trying to to build a button ( with rectangle size) on the desktop of windows7, Whenever I click on that button, it will connect to batch file (which I created for some function) and run that batch file (filename.bat), Can you give me ideals that how to have that button on...
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    How to make square icons on the desktop to customize size

    Dear friends, I am trying to create icons on the desktop by customizing size, such as rectangle ( not square icon anymore), would you like to help? thank you, Best regards, Nate Duong,
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    How to remote another computer using tablet with Windows 7?

    Dear group, I am trying to send data to another computer (offline, no internet connection...) just communication between 2 computers using putty.exe and pscp.exe (sorry if I say wrong). If you have any ideal, please advise! Thank you, Best regards, Nate Duong.
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    How to install the serial module into cygwin (terminal)

    Dear group, I downloaded this software "cygwin," (terminal), and trying to run Python on this software but i failed on the installing the serial, Could you please give me some ideal? Thank you, Best regards, Nate Duong. $ python Traceback (most recent call last): File...