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    Preparing to apply for undergrad. research position

    Hey, everyone. I'm preparing to apply for a undergrad. research position. I have the link about the research topic: For those who did not goto the link, its about nano-scale magnetism. I want to be part of the research project because magnetism is one...
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    Need advice about dorm rooms

    Hello again, everyone. I got accepted to the University at Buffalo and I'm an out of state student. My tuition is already covered for the fall semester and I'm going to live in a dorm with three different people. I don't mind the people just the survival to get around and trying not to ruin my...
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    Help! Application essay.

    I need some help from this community once again. I have to write a Schooling Gap essay and I was wondering if its OK mention that I never finished high school but I did receive my GED certificate. Here's the instructions: A letter outlining the type of activities you have been involved...
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    The Financial aid committee approved my appeal

    The financial committee approved my appeal but its too late. I've already gave up on their answer to help extend my financial aid because I went over 150% of my credits. The classes I need were Intermediate Spanish and asked them to give me calc 3. They agreed to give me both of these classes...
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    Self-teaching physics with calculus.

    I have an old text book titled: The fundamentals of Physics-3rd edition(Authors:Halliday and Resnick). It was published in 1988 and I want to know if an old outdated book can still be useful. I looked at the pages and some are bent or folded. Still, all the pages are there. I want to use this...
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    I got a C in Calc. 2

    I got a "C" in Calc. 2.... Well, it looks like I'm going to change my major from being a physicist to computer programming:frown:. I feel bad because I studied my a## off on the finals(last Tuesday I studied for the final and took it this Tuesday). I feel like a total failure and maybe being a...
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    Need help! Review my essay!

    Hey everyone!! Need some help on this Financial aid appeal letter to the committee at my community college. I was going to post this to academic guidance thread, but physics is not involved. I went over 150% of program hours and they will not pay for my class that is actually towards my A.A...
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    Need real advice, please

    I'm thinking of minoring in physical chemistry instead of math. The reason why is because I believe chemistry and physics mix well. I wanted to minor in math, but going deeper into the Ph.d path of a physicist covers all the math. To get straight to the point, I want to withdraw intro to...
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    Programs Need advice on what to minor

    My physics professor told me something alarming today. There were 500 physics ph.d jobs lost in today's economy. I'm worried that physics may not be important anymore and I may have to change my physics topic to Astrophysicist. I wanted to minor in math, but I've been told its pointless in...
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    Is it possible to start on a Ph.D dissertation early?

    I was wondering if its possible to start on you dissertation in your sophomore or undergraduate years. I want to start on this to plan ahead.
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    Programs Is it better to minor in mathematics?

    I want to major in physics and get my Ph.D. However, I was wondering of having a minor in mathematics. Will this make my school year longer if I only want a B.S. in mathematics? Also, will I have a better chance of getting a job when I complete grad school as a physicist who has a minor in...
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    My father, the complaning wuss

    I have a 67 year old father who complains about me not trying to find work. I've been looking for work for a year now. I have my A.A. degree. He thinks I'm not trying. but I did the best I can. I talk to managers from different stores and hand in my resumes to all the stores I applied at...
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    Is it worth it to be in debt?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone went or transfer to a university and ended up "knee-deep" debt. I wanted to ask this because the university I'm trying to get into is very expensive, but I love everything else about the university. BTW, I'm an out of state student transferring to the University of...
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    What is the difference between

    what is the difference between a M.S. in physics and Ph.D in physics? I ask this because I' am making my final decision on picking a university. The university I'm interested in is The University of Vermont. I want to move up there and maybe live in that small city. The problem is that they...
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    The difference between a B.S. in physics and B.A. in physics

    What is the difference of having a B.S. degree in physics and a B.A. degree in physics? I need to decide soon when I transfer to a university up north in the spring term 2011.
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    Programs If I have an A.A. Degree

    If I have an Associates in arts degree, do I have to take the SAT/ACT to transfer into any university in any American state? Also, I have student loans and if I transfer to another university outside of my state(Florida), does it effect my student loans?
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    Schools Which University in America

    Which University in America will have a theoretical physics program? I'm going to obtain my A.A. degree this year(fall semester). I tried looking at my state, Florida, and it was no good. I checked UCF(University of Central Florida) and it was a sure fail. I want to major in physics and have a...
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    Advice on calc. 1

    I'm taking calculus 1 and I'm a bit nervous because I forgot some of the Algebra formulas and trig. unit circles. I know I can review them all with no worries, but I had a feeling of doubt(or cold feet). Can I have some advice in this math course and what I should watch out for. thanks...
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    Intro. to Physics 1

    Alright, I'm on the road to be a physicist! This may be the first step towards my career and I'm looking for some advice. So please share me some advice and motivation. I need all the guidance in this course from experts.
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    Failing trigonometry = the death of a amatuer physicist

    I feel so shamed of myself. I don't know who to blame. The teacher gives the exact same lessons on the book, but never follow how you should answer your trig. problems. I studied all through the week and even late at night. I got a C in the class, but I really want to be a physicist because I...
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    The Atlas Experiment

    Ok folks, I have a bunch of friends who believe the high particle collieder will cause a black hole or that the atlas experiment team try to make a big bang or so called small universe. I love to hear everyones opinions and thoughts about this rumor or stupid crackpot theorys on how the world...
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    My chances in physics

    Well I have a question. I just started community college and I'm trying to get my A.A. to get transfer to UCF. I'm 21 yrs old and I just started community college. I love math and I'm curious about the universe and its beauty. I'm new to physics and this forum by the way. Albert Einstein is...