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    Time travel?

    Time travel?? I was wondering if its actually theoretically possible to travel back in time. I know its possible to "travel to the future" because of time dilation, but I just dont understand what the deal is with traveling back in time. I've heard many times since I was a little boy, that...
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    Where does 1/2 come from in 1/2kx^2?

    Where does 1/2 come from in 1/2kx^2?? Sorry is this sounds like a silly question, but i was just wondering where the 1/2 in PE = 1/2kx^2 comes from. If F=kx, then wouldnt it be kx*x = kx^2 ?
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    Why does 0/0 = undefined?

    Hello, i was just wondering....why does 0/0 = undefined. To me, it works mathematicaly. 12/[ ] = 4 fill in the blank...its 3 check the answer...3*4 = 12 woohoo! 12/0 = 12 0*12 = 12 whoops that doesnt work! 12/0 = 0 0*0 = 12 whoops, doesnt work either! I can see why that...
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    Would a Hot star have more mass than a cooler one?

    If you had 2 identical stars, one was a very hot star, but the other was cooler. Since mass is relative to velocity, shouldnt the hotter star be more massive than the cooler one since the atoms in the hotter star would have more kinetic energy and therefore a higher speed?
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    Bremsstrahlung and chrenkoff

    Bremsstrahlung and Cerenkov I've been wondering about the different cases of light emittion, and the most unclear to me are Bremsstrahlung and chrenkoff. If u can, please give me details about these two cases. Thank You. :D
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    1 = 2? whats going on here?

    1 = 2?? whats going on here?? Haha, just wanted to show this, because its just so funny. I'm sure some of you have seen it before. a = b a^2 = b^2 a^2 - b^2 = ab - b^2 (a+b)(a-b) = b(a-b) a+b=b b+b=b 2b=b 2=1