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    CPU Hysteresis

    I am trying to get some information on CPU HYSTERESIS TEMPERATURE.... does anyone know what that is?
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    Content.IE5 Folders

    Okay can anyone explain to me what the Content.IE5 folders are good for? I know alot of compressed files are stored there and I also know that it is a virual folder... Please explain I have been racking my little brain and figured that I would post here because PF has the answers for everything!
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    Instilling interst

    I am wondering how I can get my 7 year old son interested in science. He is a very bright boy and I want to steer in to science if I can. He loves the planets and stuff but I am not that knowledgable about science stuff unless it is computer related :)
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    Yawning and it being contagious

    This may not be the spot but I figured after I put it somewhere it would be moved to where it needs to be. I have question about yawning and it being contagious (sp?)Why are they contagious? Is it a mental thing? Someone at work asked me and I thought I would come here and ask the experts...
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    Oldest Know World Discovered

    I have been reading some pretty interesting articles on this new discovery of the oldest planet. I was wondering if y'all had anything to say about it. I am just kind of curious of what is being said (if anything).
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    Flat Star

    First off I will step out and say that Astromomy and Cosmology is not my bag! I am a Computer techie through and through but the other day I was on and saw the coolest thing and was wondering where I can read more on it or if anyone here knew more about it They were talking about a...
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    Communication between men and woman

    Okay first off I am not even sure if I am in the right spot to post this .....If I am not Kerri could you please move it to the right spot?? I am learning something very valuable and I need some help! I am learning that communication between men and women are VERY different! The question...