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  1. hubot

    What happens after exceeding the speed of light?

    I'm curious about one thing. What happens after exceeding the speed of light? What are you opinions about this? What does it mean as the formula m=\frac{m_0}{\sqrt{1-\frac{v^2}{c^2}}} goes after subsitute to equation example mass to m_0 and speed higher than speed of light to v negative mass...
  2. hubot

    Feynman exercise - container with steel balls

    Homework Statement You received many steel balls of the same diameter d and container of known volume V. All dimensions of the container are much greater than balls diameter. How many balls can be placed in a container? Homework Equations (\frac{4}{3}\pi)(\frac{d^3}{8})\approx0,52d^3 The...
  3. hubot

    Intro Physics What do you think about the Feynman lectures?

    Hi! I've bought book Feynman lectures, Feynman exercises and Physics Jay Orear. Is worthwhile to buy Landau and Lifshitz books? I'm beginner in physics. I'm not sure what to school textbooks. School programme is too easy for me. I need more accurate source to learn physics. Although in my school...