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  1. zAbso

    What should I expect?

    I'm going into my Physics 1 course blind. Not blind in the sense that I know nothing about physics, but in the sense that I have no idea of what to expect in the course. I haven't spoken to anyone that has previously taken the course, nor was I able to speak with the professor before we went on...
  2. zAbso

    The Slowing of Light.

    Something that recently caught my attention was the slowing of light particles - and keeping them slow. Light naturally slows when passing through transparent mediums, it is only in a vacuum that light move at it's true speed. By passing light through a mask made of transparent liquid crystals...
  3. zAbso

    Studying too much or too little?

    I'm trying to implement a study plan for the upcoming school term. Currently I have study time, for three classes (totaling 12 credit hrs), slotted from Tuesday through Friday for three hours of studying each day. Alternating between classes each day (i.e. on Tuesday this class and on Wednesday...
  4. zAbso

    Programs Major or Minor in Physics

    I'm currently a sophomore in college studying computer science while minoring in both physics and chemistry. I constantly find myself debating whether I should or shouldn't major in physics instead of it being a minor. I already have quite a workload with computer science and I'm not sure how...