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    Physics Podcast

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to inform those of you who might be interested in my new podcast I have started. It is called Singularity Podcast and is done around physics. The rss feed is here [Broken]. I hope some of you give it a chance...
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    Material science

    Hey, I am preparing to graduate at the end of this semester, and was wondering if anyone here is or has worked int he material science field. I don't think I'm gonna go to grad school right away, and am thinking of looking into this field for a job, and would just like to know of any...
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    Brian Greene

    Don't know if anyone watches the screen savers on Techtv, but Brian Greene was on tonight, not a bad interview. Of course, this forum is a Kaku site.
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    STM resolution

    does anyone have a link or a formula for calculating the resolution of a STM based on the tip size.
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    Multi-verse experiment

    Ok so I was thinking that if a multiverse was created for every possible outcome of all situations, then it may be easy to detect them. Ok here I go, if I decide to run an experiment to ditect other dimensions, then I make a desicion to either create a device that sends a signal, or one that...
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    Medical Physics

    Hey everybody. I am interviewing for a internship at a neuclear medicine company and was wondering if anyone had any good links to current research in the field, or what the name of the main journal is.
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    Equation handy for the recoil of an electron

    Hey does anybody have an equation handy for the recoil of an electron passing through a magnetic field?
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    Suicidal Black Holes

    Ok, so I was thinking, if charge is conserved in the singularity of a black hole, you could have a black hole with a net charge one way or another. And then you could treat the black hole as a charged particle and in a binary system it could actually produce an em-wave. Then thinking further...
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    Traveling near c

    Ok, so I'm sitting in class thinking, which is never a good idea, about objects moving near c. I think that if you have a wire moving near c and shoot an electrical signal down it, the signal is going to move faster than c, but then I remember Lorentz and that contraction will fix that, but...
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    Multi - Verse is true

    Ok, so it is still purly speculation, and an unprovable argument, there is a reason I am not a theoretical physicest or astronomer, I can argue that 10^100 m from here is a giant cow that eats grass off a tiny planet orbiting a binary black hole system, nobody can prove me wrong, and I can't...