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    No idea?

    Hello, any one knows a good article that describes the first-principles calculations please link or type the title of it, any idea what does it describes, appreciate your help. o:)42
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    Electrical applications for nano particles

    Hi there, I'm working on a mini research about electrical applications for nano particles, since no books are available on this (in my city). I tried the net but I was confused of the much information about nanotechnology. If anyone can find a link for an article (for free:blushing:) or any...
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    How bad can your day be?

    how bad can your day be?? Hellooooooo everyone, today was a very very bad day for me a horrible day. for the very first time I feel a loser. I just surrender and guess what I smiled – usually I get really angry and *&#@% or @$%^> what ever - this day is my worst day ever I don't know how to...
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    Tc for superconducting system

    Hello everyone, Do you know any equation can help me to calculate the Coulomb pseudo-potential mu*, cause I'm working on McMillan formula Tc= thetaD/1.45 {-1.04(1+lamda)/[ lamda – mu*(1+ 0.62 lamda)]} trying to find the critical temperature Tc for a superconducting system I only have three...
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    The science of visions

    Hi everyone, I would like to share this with you and for the first time, I've never talk about it before to any one, cause people may think that I'm crazy –well most of them-. That's why I'd prefer to talk to you guys who may understand this or may have or think of reasons for it. (I will talk...
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    Have you visit a country before?

    have you visit a country before?? Hello everyone, here's a simple question for you how many countries have you visited so far?:cool: and what experience did you earn , what's the most thing you like there. And if you don't, which one would you like to visit?:rolleyes:
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    Can you see the stars?

    can you see the stars??? hi, can any one of you look and see the stars, for example, can you see the sun??? kind of a puzzle:confused: lets see what do you think
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    The entropy when T=>0

    Homework Statement hi, I have this problem that sounds easy (at least I hope so) the question is prove that the entropy goes to zero as the temperature goes to zero Homework Equations segma= -(omega+meo*average{N} -U}/kT segma=the entropy omega=grand canonical ensemble partition...
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    Hellooooooooo physicists

    hi'ya all, I have this diturbing question almost funny, what things should be reqiered in someones personalty to tel that he or she is a physicist? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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    What is the physical meaning of the continuity equation

    Homework Statement I'm new here and I would like to ask a simple Q: what is the physical meaning of the continuity equation from (electrodynamic 1) I mean it's related to the electromagnatic problems Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I know the answer in my language...