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    Questions on Loudspeaker Diaphragm Movement

    Good day to all! I just want to ask if someone here knows some data or measurement of speaker diaphragm movement(distance moved by the diaphragm relative to its resting position) of any speaker(any type or brand) when a certain frequency and volume is applied to it. I just badly need the...
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    Speaker Questions

    Good day to all. I have some questions regarding speaker specifications: 1. What does RATED POWER of the speaker mean? 2. Why is the impedance of the speaker usually has a value of 4 ohms, 16 ohms etc, when speakers also contain inductors and capacitors in their drivers? 3. What is the...
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    Fundamentals of Electronics sites

    hi! we are currently taking up our Fundamentals of Electronics subject and i just want to ask you guys if you know some websites that would help me understand more the Fundamentals of Electronics. Is there any tutorial site that you can suggest to a newbie like me? Right now we're on our...
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    I'm not sure if my answer is correct, I need someone to help me solve this so I could check my answer.. 1.) 2 coils A and B are magnetically coupled. When connected in parallel-aiding, the total inductance is 2.33 H, and when connected in parallel-opposing the total inductance is 1.4H. The...
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    help!!! KVL and KCL SOLVED PROBLEMS!!! undefinedundefinedundefined I need some websites of solved problems containing KCL and KVL in a simple DC circuit...please post some links!!! thanks!!