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    Why would I die when I jump out of a plane?

    The equation is: Ft=m(v-u) So, if you have higher velotion, you will receive greater force when you hit the floor
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    Conducting electricity

    Talking about lightning, is it possible for human to simulate lightining in order to generate electricity?
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    New ways to generate electricity ?

    That's interesting. Can you explain more about magnetohydrodynamics if you don't mind?
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    New ways to generate electricity ?

    In this modern era, there are many type of power plant, from hydro electric power plant to nuclear fission power plant or even nuclear fussion(still in research). However, besides solar power plant, most power plant require movement of turbin to generate electricity. I think, that the speed of...
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    What's wrong with my calculation?

    "If a particle which has mass travel at the speed of light, the particle mass will reach infinity, which require infinity energy to move it, thus particle can't travel beyond the speed of light." I made an calculation about it.(And it turned out to be wrong) However, I couldn't find the...