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    Potential of a charged plate

    Quote: “We can see from our definition that the positive plate in Fig. 23-1 is at a higher potential than the negative plate........." I saw this statement in a book. May I know how to calculate the potential of a charged plate?
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    What exactly is electric field?

    In what way can we quantize the field? :confused:
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    What exactly is electric field?

    Hmm.....If I am not wrong, energy should be brought by some force carrier particle. So, besides photon, are there any other massless particle that made up electric field?
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    What exactly is electric field?

    Recently I am reading about electirc and electromagnet. I found electric field and the field line a bit confusing. What forms the field, or the field line? Is it photon? Secondly, why must electron orbit around proton, and not proton orbit the electron? :confused: Thanks in avanced.