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    Finding Magnetic Field for Infinite Sheet Concept

    Hello, this is not a homework assignment. I am referencing an old assignment from a few semesters ago. I am curious if I can use the basic: dB = mu/4pi dq * v X r /r^2; where dq = sigma*da=sigma*L*dx; instead of just using Amp's Law. this stuff was fun...dunno if i was at all correct...
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    Find Induced Emf in this Coil

    A flat, rectangular coil of dimensions L and w is pulled with uniform speed v through a uniform magnetic field B with the plane of its area perpendicular to the field (the figure (Figure 1) ). How is the emf zero? My reasons as to why it's zero: the trig part forces the problem to be...
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    SquareRoot 2 is Irrational?

    SquareRoot 2 is Irrational??? \sqrt{}2 I've attached an image of what I'm talking about. Tell me what you think.
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    Finding Electric Potential of concentric shells

    A thin spherical shell with radius = 3.00 is concentric with a larger thin spherical shell with radius 7.00 . Both shells are made of insulating material. The smaller shell has charge distributed uniformly over its surface, and the larger shell has charge distributed uniformly over its surface...