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    Find the solution for the following equation

    Homework Statement if H_n(t)= (-1)^n * e^(t^2) * d^n/dt^n * e^(-t^2) where n=1,2,...,N from the orthogonality property of Hermite polynomials we will have: \int^{\infty}_{-\infty} e^{-t^2} H_n(t) H_m(t)dt = \delta_n,m 2^n n! \sqrt{}pi this gives N_n=...
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    Find the following integral

    can anybody find the result for the following equation: F(d)= \int^{T_f}_{0}p(t)p(t-d) dt where 916; = d but it doesnt appears very well and p(t) = (-1)^n * e^(t^2) * d/dt * e^(-t^2) thanks alot!
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    Multiple Access interference

    in order to evaluate the Multiple Access interfernce should I find the mean and variance for the transmitted Signal? Thanks alot!
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    The 1st and 2nd derivative

    find the 1st and 2nd derivative of the following equation -2z*e^-(z^2) step by step. Thanks alot!
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    The mean and variance

    Can anybody explain to me how to get the mean and the Variance for a specific function. Thanks alot.
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    I need help on solving ∫e^(z^2)* fn(z) dz, where fn(z) = . . .

    I need to work on solving ∫e^(z^2)* fn(z) dz. where fn(z) = d^n/dz^n * e^(-z^2). Thanks alot!
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    The typical formula for temperature drop in evaporative cooling models

    By passing warm air through a cotton sock acting as a wick immersed in water, how can I calculate the maximum evaporation to achieve the gratest temperature drop in the air flow? What is the typical formula for temperature drop in evaporative cooling models?
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    Study the autocorrelation function

    I would like to know how to find the autocorrelation function. If there are any links for free e-books that can I downloaded to study the autocorrelation function and its properties in details. Thanks!
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    Study the convolution in more details

    I want to study the convolution in more details. So if you can provide me by any link to find a brief study for the convolution.