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    Monte Carlo neutron slab model

    Hi All, Trying to write a simple Monte Carlo code for mono energetic neutrons in a steady state slab geometry in one-dimension. Their is an incident source on the left hand side of the slab and its of length L. I understand how to work out the path length and scattering angles based on...
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    Fortran FORTRAN Programming Error: Incomparable ranks 0 at and 1 in assignment.

    Hi guys having a problem with my code, FORTRAN keeps stating: lambda(k+1)=(newsum/oldsum) Error: Incomparable ranks 0 at and 1 in assignment. The code is below: subroutine powerit(a,b,c,E,n) implicit none real, intent(in) :: E real, intent(inout) ...
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    Physics I'm told that theoretical physicist can go into investment banking

    Hi guys so I'm told that theoretical physicist can go into investment banking. How true is this still? I have an offer to do the Quantum fields and fundamental forces (QFFF) Msc course at imperial its suppose to be very good - however it contains no computational modules. I do have the option to...
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    This is a common question but

    I going on to do a second masters in the Uk in theoretical physics at imperial. My undergrad was in physics and masters was a astrophysics research masters in the USA. I'm aiming towards HEP, quantum gravity and astro-particle physics. My problem is the career outlook, I not sure academia is...
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    Astronomical erros

    Hi, So basically I want to work out the errors of the product of two quantity's with there own error. One would usually use the standard error equation derived from the Taylor expansion. However this assumes that the errors are small compared to the absolute value and in my case (as well as...
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    Mid term report

    Hi guys, I'm an undergraduate studying at uni currently on a year long "placement". I say "placement", more like "do meaningless tasks that benefit my advisor and his research" - but ultimately nothing to do with my thesis. Anyway since my advisor puts in no effort and the university have...