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    MATLAB Matlab Index of max value

    In matlab I have a function which calculates P04 for different values of i,j, and k providing a 8x89x89 matrix of values. I am trying to find the max P04 for each value of i and the corresponding j and k values. Here are my for loops: for i = 1:1:8; M1(i) = 2+0.1*i; for j = 1:1:89...
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    MATLAB Matlab Figure Titles

    Thank you so much!
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    MATLAB Matlab Figure Titles

    In Matlab I have a for loop that plots a figure in each loop. (M = 0.85:1:2.85) I would like to put a title on the figure "M = 0.85" for the first plot, "M=1.85" for the second plot, and "M=2.85" for the third plot. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thank you!
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    Efficiency of Ejector as pump

    Efficiency of Ejector "as pump" I was asked to find the efficiency of a steam ejector experiment "as a pump". So I tried the formula : [(m(P/density + V^2/2))discharge - (m(P/density + V^2/2))suction]/ (m(P/density + V^2/2))steam inlet. I am getting an efficiency of 0.5%. Is this a...
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    Force from internal gear

    I'm trying to determine the forces that an internal gear applies on a pinion. I can measure the angular velocity of the gear and any relevant dimensions but can only find force equations for gears with a single point of contact. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
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    Moon's Orbit

    It was reported that the Dec 12th moon was the closest it has been to Earth in 15 years. I've always heard that the moon is actually moving away from the Earth. Is the moon in a specific orbit? Or does its orbit change and if so, does it change in a specific way?