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    Determining the path of a particle in a field

    This is not a specific homework question, but more of a general query. If provided with a simple vector field indicating forces (for example, an electrical field), can you use integration to determine the path of a particle placed in that field, if also provided with some initial conditions...
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    I Simultaneous heating and cooling

    I am having trouble wrapping my head around a particular problem I am thinking about. Consider that I have a heating source that I can describe in terms of either degrees Celcius / second or Joules / second, but essentially I am able to determine a fixed heating rate. Let's say: dT/dt = 5...
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    I How to resolve the heating and cooling of an object?

    I am not sure how to proceed. This is just something that i have been thinking about and would love a little help with. Lets say I have a situation where i am increasing an object's heat energy at some specific rate - for arguments sake, it's 2 degrees every second. If you like we can also...
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    B Franklin bell question

    hello all so i have been messing about with a homemade franklin bell. It is being charged with an electric fly swatter. I have been wondering if the neutral ball a the center should have any preference as to which side it would be attracted to FIRST. In my head i think it should not matter...
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    Trouble solving an equation

    Homework Statement i am looking for the potential extrema on the function y = |sinx(x)| + (1/x) between [-2pi, 2pi] Homework Equations extrema will be likely located at f'(x) = 0 or u/d The Attempt at a Solution first it is noted that there is a discontinuity at x=0 then determining f'(x)...
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    Request for Advice on a Physics Lab

    Hello I'm trying to come up with a solid Lab to use for my chapter on Waves and Optics. I am considering having it center on refraction. Here is the problem: All labs I create for my class must avoid being a set of instructions for the student to perform. The must always be set up as a...
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    Trying to figure out a limit as x-->a

    Homework Statement the limit x->a of [(x+2)^5/3 - (a+2)^5/3] / (x-a) Homework Equations limit laws The Attempt at a Solution [/B]
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    Need help finding roots for a complex number using angles

    so i am starting with the equation x3 = √(3) - i first : change to a vector magnitude = √[ (√(3))2 + 12] = 2 and angle = tan-1( 1/√(3) ) = 30 degrees (in fourth quadrant) so i have a vector of 2 ∠ - 30 so i plot the vector on the graph and consider that : 1. the fundamental theorum of...
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    Rube Goldberg Lab?

    Have any other teachers tried this? I put one together this last term with a reasonable amount of success. I was wondering who out there has also tried to do this and if so, what kind of parameters did you set?
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    Getting two Answers : calculating velocity of ball

    Homework Statement Mr. Gale decides to build his own velocity measuring machine. His plan is to build a box (mass 2.50 kg) that catches the ball (mass 0.500 kg) being thrown. It then slides across the desk but eventually comes to a stop due to friction (μ = 0.800) between the box and the...
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    Creating the student-centered lab

    I had mentioned in another thread that I had just started teaching Physics. I had spoken about the qualities of a Physics teacher and the challenges he/she may face but something I left out was "The Lab". This was something that was a thorn in my side right from the start going back to when I...
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    Starting the Sander's Parallelogram Proof

    Can anyone help me set this problem up? I am trying to figure out how to Prove the Sander's Parallelogram. See it here: [Broken] basically it is proving that the bisectors are of equal length The question is: what would be...
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    Circuits Question : Series

    Hello all, A quick question: I am trying to come up with a valid explanation of a question posed to me regarding series circuits. It was deceptively simple but unsure how to address it. I would very much like any thoughts on this: how do the charges 'know' to give only some of their energy...
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    Quick cross product question

    this is a general question - the thing i'm working on if what i am asking makes sense - i am currently only looking for a confirmation on what i think is right this is a vector product question: if i have: (A/c x cB) can i look at that as: (1/c*c)(A x B) which comes to A x B the...
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    MAPLE help - plotting integration equation

    Homework Statement Does anybody out there have a good knowledge of maple? i am trying to plot out some equations and having a bit of a snag and not sure how to define my variables to make this work. The integral has a constant that ranges from zero to under 1 and this seems to be giving me a...
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    Rotation around the z-axis and cross products

    Homework Statement A defining property of a vector is that its components must transform in a particular fashio under a rotation. for a counterclockwise rotation around the z-axis, by and angle ∅ the components Ax, Ay, and Az of a vector A transform in the following fashion: Ax --> Ax' =...