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    Unable to solve equation

    Homework Statement \frac {xy}{x+2y} + \frac {x+2y}{xy} = 2 \frac {xy} {x-2y} + \frac {x-2y} {xy} = 4 The attempt at a solution I tried replacing ( \frac {xy} {x+2y} = p , say and \frac {xy} {x-2y} = q , say is getting nowhere as i can't find a relationship between the...
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    Question to find air resistance

    Homework Statement A body of mass m is dropped from a certain height without initial velocity. At the time t when its speed is v, what is the work done by the air resistance to retard the body? Homework Equations Laws of conservation of momentum and inertia The Attempt at a Solution...
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    Problem on conservation of energy/momentum

    Homework Statement A particle breaks into two pieces m1 and m2 traveling with velocities v1 and v2 respectively. The total kinetic energy of the particles is E. What is the velocity of each particle? Homework Equations Law of conservation of energy Law of conservation of momentum The...
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    Yet another inequality proof

    For all real values of x and y prove that x^2+2xy+3y^2+2x+6y+4 >= 1 I am trying to express the left side as a sum of sqares but always come short. Help will be appreciated.
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    Another inequality proof

    The problem For all a>0 and b>0 if a^3+b^3 = a^5+b^5 prove that a^2+b^2<=1+ab I have no idea on even how to start... i have tried using trigonometry (like in previous post) but come to a dead end... i am looking for the simplest method...
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    Inequality Proof

    1. The Problem For all positive real values of a,b and c such that a²+b²+c²=1, prove that a(b+c) < [1/sqrt(2)] 2. My Attempt... There are probably numerous ways to solve this, but i tried this way... let a = sin(x) b = cos(x)sin(y) c = cos(x)cos(y) a²+b²+c² =...
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    Kinematics Question

    Q: A plane is flying horizontal to the ground with uniform velocity Vo. A stone is thrown at it with velocity V1 and angle alpha to the horizontal. If the stone hit the plane, at what height is it flying? The simple equations of uniform acceleration are available to me. We obviously have...
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    Body Throw Kinematics Question

    A body is thrown up on a slope. It reaches a point (l, say) 2 times: at t1 = 1sec and t2=2sec. What is the initial velocity with which it is thrown Steps and explanation will be helpful Thank u
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    Simple Kinematics Question 2

    A body starts moving with velocity Vo and constant acceleration a. After moving a certain distance, it attains a velocity of V. What is its velocity as it moves half the distance? Vo = 1m/s V = 7m/s
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    Simple Kinematics Question

    A stone (taken as a point mass) is thrown from a cliff of height H = 80m perpendicular to the ground. It falls L = 60m away from the cliff. What is the initial velocity V with which the stone is thrown? Obviously we have to deduce the formula for velocity using kinematic equations w/ respect to...