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    Tutoring problem

    I have a problem. I'm capable of helping many of the students here with their problems, but at the same time, I get very angry whenever a student posts a problem that they didn't even attempt first and I could care less about helping them even if they show work after someone gives them a hint...
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    Schools Major not on College Diploma?

    Isn't it wrong for a University to not list the specific major on the diploma? I know of some Universities that just put "Bachelors of Arts" or "Bachelors of Science". You give them so much money and they can't even put the major. I'm thankful my University listed my major on the diploma...
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    Harder math or physics?

    Which is harder to major in, Math or Physics? And why? I haven't touched Physics since High School but, by seeing the problems that are posted here, I would last, oh maybe, 44 minutes as a Physics major. Viva Mathematicas!
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    Jazz it up

    Is there any way to jazz my answer up or is this the best possible answer? A clothing company ships its clothes in two different sizes of ships. Each shipment is made on a ship with dimensions 8ft x 10ft x 30ft or 8ft x 10ft x 40ft. If 30% of its shipments are made by using 30 foot ships and...
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    Accident probability homework

    Please focus on my numerical answers and let me know if they are correct. Thanks 1. The probability that someone recovers from an accident is .8. Suppose 20 people are known to have been in accidents. a. What is the probability that exactly 14 recover? 20 choose 14 * .8^14 * .2^6...
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    Check please

    There are 100 dogs participating in a competition (two from each state) a. If two dogs are chosen at random, what is the probability they are from the same state? 100/100 x 1/99 = 1/99 b. If a collection of 10 dogs is chosen at random, what is the probability no two are from the same...
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    Am I on the right track with all of these

    1.Given the joint probability distribution of Y1 and Y2: f(y1,y2)= (2/5)*(2y1+3y2), 0 0, elsewhere find a) f(y1) and f(y2) the marginal distributions b) Given: E(y1y2) = 1/3 E(y1)=17/30, E(y2)=3/5 then Cov(y1,y2)=? c) If E(y1^2) = 7/18 and E(y2^2) = 4/9 and E(y1)=17/30...
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    Spring problem stuck

    An object weighing 34 lbs. is attached to a spring with spring constant 1 lb/ft. This spring-mass system is subject to a damping forece numerically equal to twice the velocity. At time t=0 the object is lowered 3 inches below its equilibrium position and given an initial velocity of 1 ft./sec in...
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    Word problem

    Having some trouble with this. Would appreciate your help please. An object weighing 128 pounds is suspended from a spring, streching the spring 2 feet beyond its natural length. The object is then released from rest at a point 6 inches above the equilibrium position. a. Find a function...