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    Telecom mngt

    Thank you, although you advise me to let go that clown who stole your resume sent via internet, I actually don't feel any better for such a childish behavior. It might be more of a chinese or chinese malaysian 'kid' I bet. Its way of thinking and reasoning told me this. This is my last post...
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    Google hacks people computers

    thank you P.S by the way, I took a look at the 'blockers', it says 'you are now safe to surf the internet'.
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    Greatest movie characters ever

    After keeping silent and trying to check for awhile, i am trully trying my best to figure out who is the best actrees I love but unfortunately no one comes up in my head. :sad:
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    Logic/Proof/Puzzle games

    that's really good judgments neuralcomp2003 :thumsup:
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    Learning C++

    Thank you , I doubt it from the start that deitel books are not that good to buy, thank you for your input, I actually don't know anything about algorithms either, I would take your advice more seriously about that, I also highly advise people especially students to do as what you suggested.
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    Learning C++

    I feel really sad now, I would like to wake people here up to see this and tell them how I feel about what i am getting stuck at, I don't really like that Deitel's series anyway, but ok, I will follow whatever you advise not to ask something about sharing files. Thank you
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    Telecom mngt

    Can :mad: you help me, I used to post a thread in google asking about experience : "I have 3 years experience in school projects BUT one year in job" I used English badly and my present job now is looking at how users's privacy is. Second, I feel really bad about what I ARE doing, the...
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    Learning C++

    I have started my course of C++ basics for a few weeks, some of my friends introduce Deitel's books, can you help give some comments on his series so I can assume myself that his are good enough not to waste my money on. It looks like a dictionary to me, and well, I don't have much money...
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    Google hacks people computers

    Can any guru check this out and tell me if google controls all ?
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    Google hacks people computers

    Do you know why whenever I come to, does always establish a connection to my computer, I see this when i netstat on cmd Thank you
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    Updates are Irritating

    Don't register because it costs money.
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    U know this man

    What kind of language is that?
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    Some insects bit me

    Today is not very cool, it's hot. I went out with some of my friends to....look things. I went to a bush to see some strange flowers but when I got out, there are some black ant-like insects biting my arms. I went home and now looked again my arms, very very round red spots with black small...
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    Greatest movie characters ever

    How did you guys know so many?
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    A new laptop

    umm?, i think my friend will buy ibm's, $1800 hp's is not so good as ibm's. hp's is bigger and heavyer. Some friends of mine sometimes joke hp means hot pig.
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    My homework this week,

    It's about lacZ E coli's failure to showing galactoside permase activity after adding lactose without glucose's presence. why ?:confused:
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    Explanations on a very simple phenon

    How can you explain biologically why we are sleepy ? I find even people who have normal sleep order also feel sleepy often....
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    Auction Market Modeling

    well, now i figure out how to simulate a differential equation for example, if you have dy/dx=x; then you can use apen and a piece of paper to get y=1/2x^2 using c++ language, do this for(x=0;;x++){ y=1/2*x^2; plotpoint(x,y); sleep(1000); } plotpoint is a function to draw a...
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    Can you tell me what exactly is gene expression ?

    Can you tell me what exactly is gene expression ? I think it is the expression of a gene, correct ? By the way, I see my teacher usually sits in front of his computer, with a long page full of amino acids, I guess he might take it from somewhere's database, but do you know why people usually...
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    Just like before

    But since when did I have my router connected with someone's in the US ? Ok, forget about that, do you know how I can send such a message ? I'd really like to. Thanks
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    How can you live in New York?

    Moonbear, but to me, you are famous and rich. :D I think so
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    Dots on his face [Broken] Please look carefully at his face, and tell me please if the black dots on his are due to sickness ? I have seen people with many more dots like that on the face. Do you know why those are there ? Thanks
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    A situation

    That question is not mine, I stole from the internet I forgot the address to give you already. Next time on I promise I will copy even the address so say, speak by the book, for you all to believe me. But as far as I know, I think it is impossible to count by eyes how many cells died and how...
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    Sexual selection

    I really don't know, I read about creationism and I asked question.
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    Auction Market Modeling

    I think it is impossible to simulate things with only known equations ? What makes you think it is possible ?
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    Just like before

    I just got a message sent from someone with a message my zonealarm caught in the DNS( I find it fun and anyone can give me a hint as to how can i send a message like that via internet so...
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    Site managers please

    Is there any possibility that I can obtain answers from "exactly how many scientific forums are you owning except ? and could you also tell their addresses" ? I am sure that there would be no hessitations to tell other people that "we are the owners of...
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    Why do we laugh?

    We laugh because we outselves think the things we are watching are funny.