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    Gravity and centrifugal forces

    If you jumped on an orbital/halo.. Would you carry on flying through the air indefinately or does the centrifugal force push you towards the ground even though you are not in any physical contact with the centrifugalised object?? On a planet we're attracted back towards the ground by gravity...
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    Tricky question

    A man flies a small light aircraft straight and level. Inside the cockpit is a fly flying. Does the fly’s weight contribute to the aircraft’s weight at all?
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    Newtons Third Law of Motion

    Hello! We often have lots of free time on our hands at work when we should be er... working, anyway we use this time to debate questions that none of us are qualified to answer in a 'I'm 110% right B***H' way. So I decided to come here and post a couple of the ones we have been arguing in the...