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    Parallel transport of a vector.

    I am having trouble understanding the concept of parallel transport of a vector along a closed curve. It is said that if the space where the curve resides has a curvature the orientation of the vector will change when it comes back to its original position. Can you help me in visualizing this...
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    Conformal mapping of images

    Hi everybody, I was looking at the following link: The section 6 deals with conformal mapping of the image for different kinds of transformations. I tried to reproduce them in mathematica for the transformation z \rightarrow z^2. I followed the...
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    Time invariance of Schrodinger equation

    The Schrodinger equation is linear in time. I was wondering if that means that is not invariant under time reversal. That would be a surprise because all other microscopic laws (Maxwell's equations, Newton's equations) are time invariant. Can you please clear this doubt?
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    Favorite physics videos on internet

    Hi Friends, I thought it would be interesting if all of us put our favorite physics video links that are available in the internet for all to share. Here's a list of mine: 1. Walter Lewin lecture series from MIT 2. Leonard Susskind lectures from Stanford 3. Carl Sagan's Cosmos...
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    Phase transition in one dimension

    Hi, I was listening to Susskind's lecture on statistical mechanics (lecture 8). He mentioned in relation to Ising model of magnetized spin systems that there could not be any phase transitions in one dimensions. He mentioned that it has to do with the stability of the system. Can anybody...
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    How to calculate Clebsch-Gordon coefficients

    Can anybody tell me how to calculate Clebsch-Gordon coefficients? I see a table given for the coefficients in some books (Griffiths p200), but it is not clear how to read the table. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Massless charged particles

    Is it possible to have a massless charged particle in nature?