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    Central Limiting Theorem?

    Homework Statement The amounts of time that a cashier spends processing individual customers' orders are independent random variables with mean 2.5 minutes and standard deviation 2 minutes. a) What is the approximate probability that it will take more than 4 hours to process orders of 100...
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    Poisson, Binomial Distributions

    Homework Statement The number of claims that an insurance company receives per week is a random variable with the Poisson distribution with parameter λ. The probability that a claim will be accepted as genuine is p, and is independent of other claims. a) What is the probability that no claim...
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    Factoring quadratics

    Set up your expression like this when you first start the problem: (2x )(x ) 2x * x = 2x2, so that's your value of ax2 taken care of. Now find two numbers that multiply to give you an integer value of -3. The other stipulation is that when you multiply the integer values from both sets...