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  1. Vahsek

    How do i gain intuition to learn and remember physics?

    Though Newton's laws are essential to learn physics, they are not needed in order to understand why centripetal acceleration = v2/r. This is simple kinematics and calculus (and geometry).
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    How not to get bored when self-studying?

    Hello PF, I hope that I'm not repeating an old thread; I've searched for this thread in here, and could not find any. So, on to my problem then: I've been self-studying from a few math textbooks for a while now. But, the problem is that I quickly get bored while working through the...
  3. Vahsek

    Is mathematics for me?

    For now, I find elementary number theory, counting, graph theory (introductory), and euclidean geometry extremely appealing, so yeah I guess I might have an inclination for combinatorics. In comparison, I am uncomfortable when dealing with any mathematical object that is too abstract; to...
  4. Vahsek

    Is mathematics for me?

    Whoa that's a lot to digest. But anyway, I'll take it one step at a time and at the right time. For now, I'm going to continue with the reading, and I'll keep on exploring more about math. I really appreciated all of the pieces of advice that I got in this thread, and I am relieved that my...
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    Is mathematics for me?

    I agree that I should be more patient; maybe it will all make sense once I learn much more math. Thanks PeroK.
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    Is mathematics for me?

    @ IGU : I only find programming so and so, and I do not particularly enjoy it. But, thanks for the advice though. @ micromass : Reading up on the history and philosophy of mathematics sounds like exactly what I should be doing. Thanks a lot for this precious advice!
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    Is mathematics for me?

    I apologize for the vague title, but I'll attempt to explain better what I mean here. First of all, my background: I've already completed all of my high school math courses including calculus, and I've been considering to pursue math at university/college starting in September. And yes I...
  8. Vahsek

    Testing Please help i cant write fast in physics exams

    Then, it is clear that you should be serious right from the beginning. In some other post, you said you wanted to become a quantum physicist... If you are not willing to put in the required effort, your chances are really low.
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    Testing Please help i cant write fast in physics exams

    Well, it is true that you should have practiced and you should have worked consistently from the very start of the semester/course. In such a short amount of time, I guess the best preparation is to make sure that you know each and every concept in the course very well, and that you know of the...
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    Programs Should I go for a physics degree?

    If you want to go for a physics degree, here is a taste of the kind of math courses that you would be expected to take: 1. Single-variable calculus (Calculus I) 2. Multivariable calculus 3. Linear Algebra 4. Ordinary differential equations If you do well in Calculus I, then you shouldn't worry...
  11. Vahsek

    Physics program, Ryerson or York?

    Off the top of my head, I've seen York actually "advertising" its physics program and nothing from Ryerson, so... Plus, my Grade 12 physics teacher graduated from York. I suggest that you look more closely at the details offered by the two universities about their physics programs, and then...
  12. Vahsek

    Guidance on math failure

    Oh yeah, right! Lol, I saw that thread. Although, frankly he clearly stated not to worry if you don't really understand the proof. You'll understand every aspect of it after you're done learning the techniques of proofs in the later chapters. Personally, I did not even try to understand that...
  13. Vahsek

    Guidance on math failure Get the above book, whether or not you are taking/going to take an intro to proofs course. Work through chapters 1,2,3 and 5. You'll have virtually no problems at all with proofs after that. Basically, you'll learn...
  14. Vahsek

    Guidance on math failure

    Haha. I'd say most professors don't care a whole lot about undergrad students. But don't worry; as I said before, you'll be just fine after knowing how to write proofs. In fact, I guarantee that you will even get addicted to reading/writing proofs for a while... (I found proofs addictive for...
  15. Vahsek

    Guidance on math failure

    chimath35, I've already read some of your previous posts before, and I'd say that you are having trouble with abstract math simply because you've never been exposed to proofs before. That being said, I remember that you were saying something about taking up an intro to proofs course next...
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    Programs Got a Math Minor. Where should I start?

    Sorry, my bad. (I never saw epsilon-delta proofs before). Nevertheless, I believe if the OP can tackle only # 1,2 and 4, then he/she should be just fine because an intro to analysis course usually teaches one how to write proofs (albeit rather quickly and carelessly).
  17. Vahsek

    Programs Got a Math Minor. Where should I start?

    How would questions #3 and #5 help you judge how far he/she is? The OP clearly stated he did not take analysis and is not very good with proofs. You should have asked only questions #1,2 and 4, which are fairly doable by a beginner IMO.
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    Does physics get more interesting?

    You didn't find relativity to be interesting? I thought that Relativity (special and general) along with QM were the most interesting stuffs in physics.
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    I want to go to MIT

    If you have good reasons to change university, I guess that's okay. However, I think that putting all your hopes on getting into the MIT is a bad idea because I believe it's very hard to get accepted there (especially for undergraduate studies). My point is that sure you can apply to the...
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    Math courses

    I believe that in most universities, the math courses that most physics majors take have a focus on computations and calculations rather than proofs, so I highly doubt that the professors will evaluate any proofs in the final exams. However, you might decide to take some proof-based math...
  21. Vahsek

    Where to go for undergrad?

    The academic advantages of Waterloo? Well, in my opinion, Waterloo has a really good Mathematical Physics Program. You could check their academic calendar for the courses that they offer here: The courses they offer seem to be...
  22. Vahsek

    Schools Best universities in Ontario,Canada for undergraduate Mathematics

    Haha. Yes, I understand what you mean, but I myself live in Toronto, so I'd say that I am used to it here I guess. Also, one of the reasons for my primary choice being U of T is that I won't have to live on campus, which means that I'll have less loans to repay afterwards. :smile:
  23. Vahsek

    Schools Best universities in Ontario,Canada for undergraduate Mathematics

    Okay, I thank you all very much for your help. That really means a lot to me because now, I have a better idea of what to expect and what to do next. From what I've gathered from you guys is that I should not worry too much about not getting into U of T since I've got good grades and all that...
  24. Vahsek

    Schools Best universities in Ontario,Canada for undergraduate Mathematics

    Hello, I am from Ontario, Canada. I will be graduating from high school soon, and right now, I have to take care of my university application. First of all, I am interested in pure mathematics because I really like rigor, proofs etc. Thus, my choices so far are the mathematics programs from...
  25. Vahsek

    Independent Study High Energy - Particle Physics

    Hi, I know exactly how you feel. So I'm not going to give you some kind of advice like " you ought to study the basics first" cause I know it seems really boring and this can demotivate you. I would suggest you to keep reading (not too advanced) about particle physics to keep your interest...
  26. Vahsek

    Other Should I Become a Mathematician?

    Hi Reenmachine, I would recommend you to pursue the math degree. It seems to me that this is what you really want and you don't seem to be money-minded or overly ambitious( I've read your other posts). And I must warn you that I'm only a high school student, so you don't have to take me too...
  27. Vahsek

    Programs Mathematical physics or Math/physics double major?

    Okay thank you very much for your advice. Maybe I am over-thinking too much about these things. I'll just take a dive for the mathematical physics program then and later I'll make up my mind for the graduate studies I want to pursue.
  28. Vahsek

    Programs Mathematical physics or Math/physics double major?

    Thanks. I have a better idea of it now. But with a Bachelor's degree in mathematical physics, can I still move on to a pure mathematics graduate program? Or would it be better to double major? (Because as I said I want to have all doors open for later.)
  29. Vahsek

    Programs Mathematical physics or Math/physics double major?

    Hi, I am a highschool student and my fields of interest are physics and mathematics. I've been advised to apply for the mathematical physics undergraduate program but I don't want to rush so that I won't have to regret my decision afterwards. I have a few questions about the paths I can take...
  30. Vahsek

    Schools How to become a university professor?

    Thanks for the book, I'm gonna read it while in my undergrad.